Unusual cheesecake

Submitted by enr on 22 Aug 2009
150 g tea biscuits (1 package)
60-65 g butter
about 200-250 g cottage cheese
3-4 tbsp yogurt (or fresh)
jam (preferably blueberry , cherries or figs)
vanilla essence
Unusual cheesecake
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Smash biscuits and then mix them with the butter until fully assume. Then pour the mixture in the form of brackets (diameter 15 cm) and pressing with a spoon to the bottom. The cottage cheese is mixed with yogurt until it becomes a homogeneous mixture and then pour over the biscuit layer. The sweet essence of pipette and put on the cottage cheese. Allow to cool nice.
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22 Aug 2009


Quite tasty ... But why is strange ...?

desislava76, because in most put sour cream, cream cheese or cottage cheese mixed with parvosmomenatite products, but otherwise tasty, yes. :)

Quick, easy and very tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

Awesome! Soon I made tiramisu with cottage cheese and yogurt - the combination is very good, easy, fast and delicious!

Yes, I like this combination, and is light.

I loved it and is easy to prepare

to really very nice I did it for my birthday and aircraft. Impressed

Delicious_girl, thanks! All home liked it! :)