Pork kavarma

Submitted by enr on 03 Dec 2010
1 kg pork
500 g pork liver
5-6 onions
1 cup red wine
2 tbsp savory
2 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp salt
Pork kavarma
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Select a fatty meat, more slaninka. Cut into pieces that are put in a saucepan. More juicy pieces placed juice and there is no need to pour or sunflower oil, or another liquid. When the meat begins to acquire a golden color, add the onion, finely chopped. When he choke, add sliced ​​liver. Leave on low heat to simmer. After ten minutes, pour the wine and sprinkle spices. Allow another ten minutes the meat to absorb the wine. optional garnish dish with rice or potato salad.
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03 Dec 2010


Martina 2sup. l. herbs and paprika I see mnozhko, lest error occurred? Recipe generally sounds good. I put red tomato or chutney. It is really very tasty.

recipe judge that its northern Bulgaria and exactly Ludogorie or Dobrogea, because I am from this area and do exactly kavarma and savory really is 1-2 tablespoons depends on who and how she liked her inherent Northerners to use more spices in Goleta quantities, at least this is my view, having in mind that I live in southern Bulgaria and do a comparison. For this kavarma mandatory meat must be from a bone sweet, with other meat just is not the same, bravo Martinche well imagined recipe and although know it, your going to put it in Favorites

What meat is *sweet bone*?

Sweet bone is where the ribs meet the pig. Indeed recipe is from Dobrogea, I'm from Silistra region and always it is the dish that we prepare when slaughter the pig. If you have a very savory, will put less.

I'm from the Turnovo region, but my grandmother is there Zlataritza and this dish is a tradition for the winter holidays. And on the spices used extensively, yet so grandma taught me :) Thanks for the feedback

I loved recipe, put it already in favorites. As soon will try.

I want to ask once put sliced ​​liver does not make you water?

I do not pour, because I try to choose the most greasy meat and then put your sauce does not need my opinion.