Russian salad * New Year flame *

Submitted by enr on 02 Jan 2011
200 g of boiled potatoes
2 boiled eggs
50 g of cooked peas
100 g Hamburg salami
spices of your choice
3 tbsp mayonnaise
1 peeled roasted red pepper
50 g cheese
Russian salad * New Year flame *
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Potatoes are cut into small cubes, add the peas, finely crushed egg and salad, season with salt and mix with mayonnaise. In a plate put salad in a circle, put a piece of cheese on top, serve as a candle flame do strip of red pepper, ribbon too. Parsley put goals petals side, looks like a crown and remove small pieces of pepper and diced carrots.
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02 Jan 2011


Well done, very well!

Bravo, Petya !!! Very beautiful form of salad!

I'm sorry, I forgot evaluation.

Very good layout. Congratulations!

Big decorate Russian salad for the upcoming holidays, bravo Petya! :)

thank you, try it now for the holidays

We'll certainly try :)

great idea. goes to Favorites immediately and will make her holidays

really nice idea, creates a festive mood.

Oh yes, I forgot to put a comment to say how impressed were all home at Christmas last year from this beautifully decorated salad. Become perfect and this year will probably also do, can another salad, but the decoration will be the same. Thanks for the idea.

and this year I forgot to do hahaha well that was no one to replace me make it instead of me