Potato patties with onions and cheese

Submitted by enr on 20 Feb 2009
1.5 kg potatoes
200-300 g feta cheese
1 onion
3 eggs
sunflower oil for frying
flour for rolling
garlic optional
Potato patties with onions and cheese
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Peel the potatoes and boil in lightly salted water 2-3 cloves of garlic - only slight aroma. Then smash or Strain, add the crumbled feta cheese, grated onion and spices. Kneaded it and add 1 egg and 1 egg yolk and the mixture is kneaded well. Allow to stand for 1 hour. Make balls and rolled in flour, then in a well broken egg whites and others. Fry in a hot sunflower oil or bake in greased pan in moderate oven.
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20 Feb 2009


Another yummy. Bravo;)

Thank Krassi, very tasty indeed!

Bravo! Very tasty! Excellent!

Very tasty and look great, by the book :)

There is invite me or my wife to cook those potato balls, but maybe soon it will be a dinner at home :)

As far as I know, this is the original recipe for potato meatballs. From my family I have learned so and so do them. Really wonderful :)

Bravo for photos Bonk!

Very cool balls.

I add pictures of baking were superb, and take them ready now

Oh, what a tasty looking meatballs! Tomorrow will necessarily do I! I love them so much!

being baked in the oven again ovolvat in flour and eggs

Bravo! Are very tasty.

I love potato meatballs ... mmm!

meatballs were delicious onion missed because your spouse does not like. I have long been friends, such balls.

I love potato meatballs

Very, very good recipe! Congratulations and thank you!

There is a problem ... first says it is 1 egg and 1 egg yolk, then 1 egg white and 1 ... What I can not understand?

one egg and one egg yolk mixture into the potato, 1 white and 1 egg batter.

In the recipe are 3 eggs. One of it divide white and yolk. In potato mixture put first whole egg and yolk of the second. For use-batter belaka the second egg and all third egg. Done.

Thank you very much!

For the batter is divided egg if you want to batter. I personally roast them - are great! PS - and healthier!

recipe is great, thank Cardiac

very tasty, however, became stuck and put plenty of oil :(

And how to make roasted?

Cover some oil pan, roll them in flour and bake in the oven.

But flatten them, do not do roller to bake evenly. If you are baked not stick to the pan.

Thanks for the reply will necessarily try them :)

One tip - to not break is nice to stay in the refrigerator and freezer - for about 20 minutes. :)

very very delicious! marjoram instead put dill. do not let them stay one hour, and thou hast become :) next time will try and baked :)

Wow! I made them baked in a pan, and became very godly. Even my wife, where he likes least claim eat them with great joy that nothing have some postnichki meatballs.

in the oven on baking paper the result is fantastic.

They became great ... served with garlic sauce ... :)

And to me were wonderful - omethoate was no time. Also made them sauce yogurt, dill and garlic. Peko them in the oven on paper, even without them roll in flour. :)

were great ... well done for the recipe.

Very tasty meatballs potatoes!

I plan to bake the meatballs for dinner. At what temperature should bake?

That's what I want to ask, how many degrees I can trust them in the oven?

180 degrees should be best. Except that namaslyava baking pan is nice to bake and meatballs with oil, brush it becomes easier. This improves the taste :)

Yesterday I tried them and they did just that izparzhih them because my oven was occupied :) They became very good, thanks for the recipe :)

This time is in the oven, I added a little fresh spinach were very tasty! here's a photo!

meatballs were superb! I made them in the oven to make them healthier and became great! Thanks for the recipe! :)

For the first time I decided to do them in the oven. The first batch of them Paiute 180C for about 30 minutes and another 10 minutes at 200C. The second batch of them Paiute 200C for 20 minutes and you were perfect. I put them on the baking sheet and baked on both sides and no need of conversion. It is true that baked are healthier, not so greasy and gone hamalogiyata standing to fry, but not become faster as I thought. Almost at the same time I fry them, and to me fried somehow I like, but for the fat of 3 small meatballs eaten, and now supposedly healthy ate 4 large which is almost 350 grams. potatoes. Sometimes them fry them for a variety Roll and sesame are also prepared very tasty. Inside add dill and parsley.

I apologize in advance, only misunderstood as roast them in the oven you need them in flour or roll and so become

Ivana, the procedure is the same. You save only the oil for frying. Good luck!

put dill and curd cheese unless became wonderful eaten immediately.

currently roast them in the oven in a pan with baking paper coated with oil and top and bottom, passed 20th minute baking of 200 g. Fan, but something baked seem less suhichki ... then will write the result