Meatballs with potatoes in the oven

Submitted by enr on 13 Mar 2009
500 g pork, mixed with desired seasonings
700 g potatoes
2 onions
4-5 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp dill
pinch of pepper
Meatballs with potatoes in the oven
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From seasoned mince prepare small meatballs. Chop finely and stew in olive oil for 4-5 minutes. The potatoes are cut into strips for frying and place in baking dish. Add stewed onions, red, black pepper and fennel. The mixture is stirred well, up 150 ml hot water, forming grooves in them are the meatballs. The dish is baked to start 250 ° C and boils is reduced to 200, the tray is on the lower level.
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13 Mar 2009
Yonka Raikova


Maggie, well done - save me from frying the meatballs!

And I think that is also delicious roasted. Potatoes can be sprinkled with veggie example.

For dinner cooked this dish. Once my husband liked it, it's great. Thanks for the good recipe.

Maggie, it was incredibly delicious! Potato took smell and fat from meatballs and got the tip! I recommend the recipe at all! Once again - thank you!

I'm glad you like the dish! :)

Very interesting recipe. Add to Favorites and soon will try. After so many good reviews :)

Very tasty seems Maggie bravo!

This dinner last night. Very tasty obtained. Great recipe, bravo!

If I was not a planned chicken for dinner, I would have prepared them, but leave for later! Thank you! :)

A great recipe

Very tasty. Maggie great with your incredibly easy and delicious dishes. To favorites is!

sounds very well. Add to Favorites. Soon will try this recipe. Maggie, your recipes are great :)

Thank you for the delicious recipe. I go to prepare.

is Super! Tasty, easy and useful - by failing to fry.

Maggie perfect recipe and the picture is perfect. Bravo!

Recently, I began to prefer baking before frying! Nice for me to share good recipes in your favorite site! :)

added little fenugreek in minced meat / meatballs always put on / and taste became incredible!

Great kulinarka your done! Add to favorites:-)

Meatballs and fries, it's a good combination :)

Easy does it, where is delicious and super :)

It is very suitable for guests - and mestse and toppings are cooked together! Thanks again!

recipe is great!

is a great recipe several times in January cook, such as potatoes to add a little vegeta became great

A nice addition is Vegetata, and I was very favorite meal, thank you :)

Today will surprise your guests with a delicious recipe. Thank you!

This gozbichka is so delicious that you just have no words. Kami try not there to be sorry. I put plenty of onions.

Maggie became naisina big yummy. All very like it, and does not require great effort in prigotyaneto. Fast, easy, tasty. Thanks again

It looks very tasty. Will try! Fat is not it?

tolevjj74, if you put more your taste, but also depends on how the minced meat is oily :)

Maggie, I made meatballs, but no potatoes. Everything I put in a baking dish in the oven and straight without smothering onion. Were fantastic. Thanks for the recipe. There is a photo;););)

Fanny, thank you! Roasted onions is delicious!

Starhotni are ... bravo

From all these comments, I decided to do dinner this dish! Bravo!

not wrong, I do not and I shot while roasting a scent that wafted them pulled and guess ...

This is a superb dish. My son does not like meatballs but now know ... eat with pleasure.

the result is great, bravo Maggie!

Thank you girls! :)

Maggie looks great in the picture! Now threw the baking pan in the oven and chakammm;)

Carrie, I hope you'll enjoy it :) If you have photos upload them!

Many are delicious potatoes in the oven if previously blanched for 3 min. In boiling salted water.

I just put the meatballs in the oven, but this time I cut a little onion wholesale and not stifle it! smells deliciously!

I instead of 150 ml. water put 100 beers and 50 water. Maggie, thanks for the great recipe!

I do them regularly now, but Stewing-dishes without onions and paprika. Sometimes put mushrooms. Wonderful recipe!

I do not put onions and paprika and again are very tasty. Sometimes I make them with chicken mince.

Very tasty meal. :-) Thank you Maggie!

E ve4e this is a great recipe. Without frying -made is super! Bravo!

In the minced meat puts you egg and bread

Maggie look tasty Image will cook for dinner.

Desi mingled minced meatballs as you do normally. Thank you, the idea is Yonka Raikova is great!