Layered cake with honey boards

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2013
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp honey
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
about 2 cups flour
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
120 g flour
200 g sugar
60 g butter
2 eggs
1 vanilla
Layered cake with honey boards
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Beat eggs and sugar, then add honey, soda and the butter. The resulting mixture is cooked on a slow fire until a golden color. With this mixture and flour as needed for soft dough (about 2 cups) knead dough. Divide into 5 balls. Each ball is rolled into a thin crust, place the bottom of a baking dish with a diameter of 26 cm, greased with butter. Pricked wonders of 4-5 places with a fork. Bake in a moderate oven. Half of the milk is boiled. In the other half is dissolved the flour in a thin stream is poured into boiling milk. Stir to thicken, add sugar, the butter, vanilla, and finally the beaten eggs. In a baking dish put the first board bay with cream, the second board again pour the cream and so alternate to running out of circuit boards. By tightening cream is removed and the ring is optional otupva side with walnuts. Cream can be divided into two and one half to add cocoa.
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26 Jan 2013


good recipe easy, but how is assembled then, I see there are brown and cream or chocolate, white cream of those products, but what is brown. I'm sorry that so ask me but I do not in the cakes.

and another to ask, in swamps baking flour will not

Which mixture boil on a slow fire, honey, baking soda and margarine you?

eggs, sugar, honey, butter and baking soda are broken and this mixture boils and becomes involved with her soft dough with flour as necessary. Divided into two and milk to one part I added cocoa.

very vaguely written recipe.

now understood but corrected recipe that has flour in swamps as necessary and that the milk is separated and has cocoa in one half

Mimi, with the risk to offend you, but I would like to clarify two things: First, the cake is said Doboj, not DobUsh. Secondly: it is not a cake Doboj. This is a meaty cake has similar recipes here, but not Doboj. I do not claim that it is tasty, but not what the name promises. And there is a discrepancy between the products and what is seen in the picture. Girls before me have also found it.

It is questionable how little is written correctly name to me, because in many cooking shows and books are written DobUsh. The name of the Hungarian confectioner, who made it for the first time Joseph Doboj, the English name is Dobos cake. Of Bulgarian, however, have changed little name. The original is different, but many people in Bulgaria similar recipe - ie. Fleshy and filo pastry and milk cream called Dobush. The recipe has many interpretations and a lot has changed over time, but the original, which we certainly do not know, is very different - thin sponge cake and chocolate buttercream. The decoration is caramels triangles formed by one swamp.

Just one original cake, which is exported worldwide, cake Doboj. I am not very clear why other cakes should be called so ...

hey do not make it now dispute the name of the cake, just completed correctly as ingredients and execution of the recipe and try it, because it sounds easy, and it looks delicious

recipe for the latter must be the same as that in which I did vchera- French cake - only the cream here is different, but in responses to other recipe some girls write that they make it with milk cream. Otherwise the cake is delicious.

Retseptichkata I like and stuff. Certainly very tasty cakes. I've done similar, but with cream and strawberries, but will try this cream ...

How big is the cake form, in which the latter must not bake? And can at least approximate quantity of flour?

cake shape with a diameter of 26 cm. The amount of flour is approximately about 2 cups of soft kneading dough.

Jump additions put in the recipe itself, thanks for the reply.