Mini karandilki

Submitted by enr on 29 Jan 2012
# For the starter:
2 cup lukewarm water
2 tbsp sugar
20 g fresh yeast
2 cup flour
# For the dough:
1 cup melted but not hot pork lard
1 level tbsp salt
flour for soft dough
# More you need:
skinless sausages
beaten egg for egg wash
poppy savory dusting
Mini karandilki
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First make yeast, stirring all products her. Allow to rise to hot down (about 15 minutes far for me). Then, salt and melted lard and a little flour until a soft paste. Do not meddle long time. The dough is immediately divided into 8 equal parts and are made balls. Take first made ball and roll it into a circle with a thickness of about 2-3 mm. Circle is cut like a cake of 8 triangles. A skinless sausage is cut longitudinally into 4 pieces and each piece is cut an additional 4 parts (long strips). Take a piece of skinless sausage, put it on the triangle of dough and turn a small muffin. Thus is made with all the dough balls. Total you go 64 rolls. By making rank in pan on baking paper. When all are ready karandilki are coated with beaten egg and sprinkle with poppy optional, chubrichka or whatever your love. Allow 15-20 moments to rise slightly and bake until golden. I roast 170C of the lower and fan on the second level from the bottom.
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29 Jan 2012


To me my dough is interesting ... The filling may be another that number 64 can not be eaten at once, and reputed as cool will be the same. And not very durable. But with nuts as will be awesome, sweet stuffing if you reduce salt in the dough!

Hello Rally! Now to fine-tune that out 64 units, but they are tiny (the pointer arm), collect them in two oven baking pans (one I drop it like a picture to the recipe). As my stay (and they remain a little cool :) after tightening them in a towel and put them in a plastic bag. The next day you are still mekichki and puhkavichki. Definitely can be made with sweet stuffing, but then you need to increase your sugar 4-5 tablespoons And salt may not be reduced because the dough is not salty with this salt. I'll be glad if you like :)

There's nothing wrong sausages Rally :), and I do them well, but triangles, but his maul dough and call them *rodopki::) I've done and jam, but not in the jars which is a where this is thick and cut, are very nice :) And with cheese are good / my husband prefers them :).Another option is when the rise instead of bake-fry to become pies.Warm are great! :)

interesting name krenvirshkite and look great!

Ina, thank you :) certainly should make clear by placing the recipe here in Sliven, where I was born and raised in krenvirshkite tell them karandilki. I do not know where it comes from the name, maybe Karandila area, located directly above our city, but I know them since childhood with this name, so let the recipe so :)

While I saw the recipe and immediately signed her to favorites. Very very tasty I think. Pepi will try in the near future.

Desi, I hope you enjoy them! Share if you were tasty.

very tasty look ve4e are favorites only 4f has lard can I replace it with something else?

With soft palmitate - the same texture and color. Otherwise oil or Rama or Sanela. We do not eat pork products and by-products and never had a problem are replaced fat. Good luck! :)

SIBEL_82, you can safely replace fat with oil if you do not eat fat.

thanks for the advice momi4eta will try this weekend and will report :)

recipe is super, received very tasty krevirshki, the other time I will use a double dose dough and will do it with different fillings! I used dry yeast, incomplete cup oil and 3 in. L mass. Thank you!

BRIDA, I'm glad you were delicious! This winter karandilki these are a favorite at home. Thank you for your trust!

Hello Pepolina! Great and very precise recipe! Karandilkite became extremely delicious!

aksinia, very glad that karandilkite you like. This is one of my favorite recipes because it is fast, very tasty and quite out :)

I made them with different fillings (tel. Salami, cream cheese, strawberry jam, cheese) and were very nice, thanks for the recipe

djonsan, thank you for your trust! Really are delicious and make quite easily and quickly :)

Pepi, great recipe! :)

iris, thank you! Many love them home and make briskly and easily :)

made them again, but this time with ham and cheese, coated with egg and sprinkled with poppy and sesame divine

djonsan, end holidays I rather do not do them, but it's time :) time remind me:) Thank you for rating!

made them for breakfast, very well received. Will be made frequently. Thanks for shared recipe.

jacksparrow_bg, thank you for your trust!

Tonight at the request of her husband, again tidy karandilkite :) For filling: circle piece of salami and gouda, smell deliciously!

Honey, here smell the aroma and how will this stuffing:) I wish you a delicious and fragrant evening!

Thank Pepche! We were very very tasty, if other karandilki tonight and do SNIK :) :) :)

Pepi, now to write the report! :) Everything is eaten nothing left. There was no one waiting for me to dial a mini karandilki only 6 pcs. they had Bash - mini! ;)

Bobby, I'm glad that you liked:) but as it is how hungry people waiting to turn small karandilki :)

And home is liked, their appearance is not brought, but the taste compensate. Greetings to the author! :)

Annie, thank you for your trust! Importantly, to taste have liked, but the appearance over time will be fine :)