Fast cream layered cake

Submitted by enr on 25 Oct 2012
3- 4 ready basea Cake
500 ml sweetened cream
# For syrup:
1 cup milk
2-3 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp cocoa
Fast cream layered cake
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Cream mix with a mixer until fluffy cream about 15 minutes. The bases are syrup with milk, which are dissolved sugar and cocoa and cream, topped optional garnish with whipped cream, candy, fruit and other.
Very easy
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25 Oct 2012


Faster than health tell him :) How spraying decoration? And how much cream you go for it cover?

The entire amount of the cream 500 ml and sprayed with the ordinary pastry gun! This cake I'm doing it for 15 years with various ornaments and shapes :)

And Spraying such large quantities, how you do not liquefy the cream in the bag from the heat of your hand? A trick there?

Having broken nice mixer with 10 to 15 minutes, no problem for injection molding :)

Good Girls Can? to give more precise recipes for morons like me! I want to do decelerated for some great cake, but do not understand Bucket of confectionary! Oh, and by cooking too! :) For example, weights, quantities, and so on. Here write your advanced :) As my grandmother's recipes! 6 eggs, flour, biscuits, jam, syrup. And voila! But what do you do with these products only you know your you! Give a chance, and the laity! Please

Goat, starting with go to the store and buy ready-cake 3 lev, liquid pastry cream 500 ml 3-lev and if you can read read the directions on the packaging they are pictures and can not read, if still nothing do not understand come to continue the lesson!

I will donapisha lessons and everything is fine :) Kozel, buy ready-made cake, they are for example the number 3 in the package. Unpack them. Cream cooled, pour in a higher court and smash until it becomes hard snow, cream, as zagrebesh finger in it, you remain on the finger without running. Pozatoplyash little milk, but not hot. Put it in the sugar and stir until melted. Put a number of cake on a plate or platter, which will remain the cake. With a tablespoon of milk Zagreb and working her low over marshes, spilling milk evenly over it. About 1/3 of the milk distributed evenly over the crust first. Put 1/3 of the cream on the marshes and then covered evenly. Put the second number on the cream cake. Syrup in the same way with 1/3 milk. Put back 1/3 of the cream and covered evenly. Put the third cake, syrup and finished with 1/3 mainstream cream top and sides. Embellishing as you like. I hope the explanation is understandable. Success and boast how he received, okay? :)

Pali, thanks for Appendix :)

cream sweetened, but if not enough sweet, you can put 2-3 c. l. powdered sugar on the break.

Villas, thanks for the recipe! Fast, easy and delicious! Yesterday late evening tidy two halves cakes. I admit that it does not start, quality appearance. Looked to have dessert for the evening. I hope not to be angry with me for photos of fast my cakes. I almost forgot, one over another dinner! Next time, I promise a beautiful cake and picture!

Bravo, Bobby! Tortite are beautiful and look very appetizing. Padvam that you like. :) Thanks for the confidence. :)

here today decked with fruit on the birthday of my husband and me is alive and well!

Villas, you is alive and well rozhdennika! Great cake you made it!

Very fresh! Be alive and healthy birthday!

Reni, Raleigh, thank you for your greetings, I am very glad that you like cake with fruits get a very mild and pleasant taste.

did double cake with white and cocoa cake, and one of them cut into 2 pieces and get a length of cake and a half of height 4 marshes between them ordered banana wheels. I used cream 1 liter of *Bravo*, but I did not like shattered for 5 minutes, but stands as a rugged and not ...

Villas, very sweet dolphins've done :) Great idea!

Reni Thanks, I'm glad that you like :)

Today, I made it again, for the umpteenth time !? This time, I put inside and top of fig jam. Became a great taste! :)

Bobby is a great idea for sweet, appreciating the taste and aroma of figs ... mmm that delicious! :)

Quick, easy and delicious cake! Villas, I did not use prepared cake. I decided to make small cakes and baked a cake, which I thought to cut the two, but at the last moment refused :)

Reni, very glad that you like, with home-baked cake becomes the most delicious :)

decoration on the cake today from roses made of toffees :)

Villas, you will need to visit you May and you tidy delicious cakes :)

Villas, very beautiful you become the cake! I liked the decoration, it is very gentle :) What toffees use? Some time ago I sought (unsuccessfully) in just did not know exactly what I was looking :) If you can and shoot them ... :) :)

Pepi, Reni, thank you very much, but I shot the candy should look chewing without filling, and now give the report on the cake: cream between the latter must be dry chocolate cream 2 sachets of 60 grams broken with 300 ml milk, and the decoration of 200 ml liquid cream. Dry cream stands a lighter and liquid as disaggregating and is suitable for cream and liquid becomes nice decoration and injection molding.

Thanks for the photo Villas :) Now you know what I'm looking :)

Wonderful recipe.

Pipilota, thanks for the positive comments.

... and the picture is very beautiful! :)

Bobby very glad I put his picture on the cake!

Today I made for the birthday of my father and cream put crushed wafers, so get cake fake Ferrero Rocher * * :)

Today I made for the birthday of my father and cream put crushed wafers, so get cake fake Ferrero Rocher * * :)

Villas, again chudesiyka tidy, if you one piece :)

Pepi command will treat immediately! :)

Just to melt snow :) :) :)

Villas, when I do not have time they smarten! Save the situation for two days. ;) Do you alive and your father! :)

Bobby, I'm glad that you like it and thanks for the shout!

Villas, is alive and healthy birthday! :) And to keep him still do beautiful cakes!

Thank Reni! :)