Sponge cake Magic flower

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2010
150 g butter or margarine
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 cup yogurt (400 g)
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 vanilla
3 1/2 - 4 cups flour (450-500 g)
1-2 tbsp cocoa
Sponge cake Magic flower
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Softened butter Stir the cream with the sugar. The eggs are added one by one, and after it is fully charged to the oil mixture are successively added: Yoghurt with soda dissolved therein, vanilla and flour until a density of cake batter. mixture was separated into 2 parts. In one added cocoa. In a buttered and floured baking dish with removable edge Pour 2 tbsp of dough with dark soil mixture. Dough ran from the middle to the end. Then the tip of a knife with a sharp edge lines are retrieved from the outer edge of the form to the environment. Depending on how many parts are separated cake - 4, 8, 12, 16 produce different shapes from. Only that we must act quickly, because the mixture is dislocated, and can obtain a broader, narrower other sectors. Can be poured and different amounts of mixtures - eg 2 tbsp dark mix 2 tbsp light mix 2 tbsp dark, 4-6 tbsp light etc. Obtained different patterns. Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C
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07 Aug 2010


Instead of cocoa can experiment with different harmless dyes for coloring sweet, but it should be borne in mind that cooking can alter their brightness.

It is very beautiful this cake. Tempts me and probably tomorrow will try to do it. May be like yours. Will write immediately to the result.

In any event will happen! With impatience will wait pictures because each time gets something different and interesting.

great beauty and refinement. Goes favorites now starting to do.

Oh, akva7, will wait with interest to the outcome. I'm marking it for tomorrow.

Today I did it for breakfast. The taste is superb. In appearance it brought as flower tillia (before you put it on the *sun* and my flower was beautiful. Then even started to blossom:-)))). There are pictures and you'll see what I mean. But thank tillia - recipe is great. I was wrong cake long ago.

My first thought was that dark mixture you in less quantity, but the other pictures, especially those with the cut of the cake, I saw that it was not so. And in the previous comment, I wrote that can not be repeated the same pattern - it always different. I bit him prepekoh, but as you say - is tasty and eaten quickly.

tillia, have special greetings from a friend of mine, which until now drank the coffee and ate cake Magic flower. She said that the cake is quote *unique*. A nice cake was not eaten. I support and give opinions.

Thanks for the compliments! But the recipe is modified. In the original is 2 cups meal, 2 cups flour and kefir, yogurt instead. In time I will do it, but with sweetener, to see what happens.

Ina, this cake looks great.As is drawn.A safe and tastes as good as it looks.I want to ask-only in a baking dish you can *paint* this flower?

Ninka, can be done in any round. I just did it in a baking dish, so I can pay him more easily. I read your question, it occurred to me how you would look pattern if I make the cake in a rectangular cake form. Naturally, there is a flower, but it will still be interesting. Many good suggestions for patterns has mimsi with her recipe *Flower Cake*.

I did it the way you feel sorry to eat it, it's so beautiful. Were kept patterns during baking, but burst near the middle, but never mind eat cake again. Tilia, ako do with baking powder should I replace the yogurt with fresh?

Upload photos if you do. And I wrote down - can be used and another recipe for cake / every housewife has proven time and favorite recipe /, the only condition is to be divided in two and one half to put cocoa. Nothing prevents to make cake with baking powder and milk. The only thing for me cake differs from other ingredients is not so much as the idea of ​​the pattern.

I do not like cakes, but this recipe is very good!

bravo; I will do it looks superb

This time I did it in a rectangular baking pan, but again I burst. Next time I'll do it in the form of a hole, may be maintained. Visualization put pictures.

Great look! Put in your favorites, soon to do it and I!

akva7, great pattern is received! Do not worry, that cake has burst. Or so I've heard that to be nice cake must be *broken*.

This time the patterns were well inside. I remembered the wonderful flavor of this cake.

Wow, a, a, s! Elti, Slave - such beautiful and unique patterns! Bravo!

I thought it very interesting and today I did it! Quite an interesting and tasty, but unfortunately for me crack ... Upload a photo to show how received my patterns :)

Julia, congratulations - very beautiful patterns have received! Sometimes cakes burst. No matter - is not palatable.

I just tried this recipe, I did not received these beauties, is split in half, but it is very tasty;)

Anelia always produce different patterns and can never be repeated the same. Do not worry, it is broken up :)

replaced the butter with 3/4. H. Oil and still get a delicious cake, but definitely with butter is better :)

now baked smell very tasty :)

I made a cake with coconut oil. Was very tasty, with a slight aroma of coconut. Narasih top with coarsely chopped walnuts. Very nice and spectacular cake!

Dobby, I have not cooked until now anything with coconut oil, but I'm sure that has become very tasty. And your idea of ​​sprinkling the top with walnuts is great! Very appetizing look the picture! :)

Incredibly beautiful delicious obtain. Thanks for the recipe.

Slave, I am very glad that you are happy with the cake! I hope to upload a photo! :)

I liked this recipe for RD 2 of the child in the manger. I can not bring real cake that group is children from 6m. -2g. and will not be able to eat. If you do it on a Saturday you will stay nice and fresh until Monday or better to do on Sunday night? Please give me the flower and I mind to stick small figures (flowers and butterflies) to muffins to get a little more solemn appearance. Tillia experimented you this kind? And the last question, always in 2c. l. to put or increase the diameter increasing and spoons (until a full circle)?

Veronica, I recommend you do it on Sunday; If you have tried and favorite cake recipe using the latter it is not necessarily that which I've done; To stand patterns Cocoa must be dark; I am Pour 2 with. L. Of each color from beginning to end. But as I wrote in the recipe there are different options as you like. Watch to pour in the middle of the form and is faster / it is not fatal, it may be something interesting! :) / You can never get the same pattern, but always interesting! Success in making and joyous celebration!

Pattern me quite strained itself. Then put color immediately after the previous and baking pan me over after 1/5 of the amount poured. Did not know where and how to put the rest and so did another pan, but this time I was beginning from the middle of the previous color (overlapping it) to be able to accommodate all, and put on 3c. l. Naturally, I get ready to 1/5 lower. I put 450 grams. flour, but it seemed to me that one idea is more dense, but at least I had no problem spreading in the baking pan. Next time I'll try another recipe for cake, but with the same decoration can see where I'm wrong.

Veronica pattern you received is amazing! It is very beautiful, in the middle as though there rose. First with disbelief I read and I was not so clear how *my baking pan over after 1/5 of the amount poured.* Then I understood what you mean. :) Now I will explain at length: in the middle of the pan (shape) poured from one color spoons dough as you decided, for example two. Dough begins to spill. Again in the middle of another color Pour batter. Dough continues to spill. So keep alternating different colors test, pour only in the middle of the foregoing, while over the entire stack, not as what poured reach the end of the form! :) Any amount added shifts pushed before bulk. This is your fault! :) After izsipesh entire contents of the two colors, then it variegation.
The amount of flour is indicative. It depends from the flour, the density of the yogurt, the size of the eggs. I always put some flour and gradually add until then, until it reaches the required density cake batter.
I hope I have explained clearly and next time do not have any obstacles! :) Good luck!

:) I read your comments Ina so I laughed ... Totally wrong I understand how to do this cake. Many wonder how she did Petya Slavcheva so many dense to me after 5 and pour over the place in the pan. But as I wrote before, the mixture was my very thick and not spread out and would not be prepared as described by you way. Clearly it will be tried again. Thanks for the clarification.

Veronica, I'm glad that the misunderstanding has been removed! It happens! I hope to try again and the result is positive! :)