Potato patties with cheese

Submitted by enr on 08 Mar 2009
1 kg potatoes
200 g cheese
3 eggs
1 onion
Potato patties with cheese
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Cook potatoes and peel. Creased and add to eggs, onion, grated cheese and spices. From the resulting mixture is made meatballs, which are fried in sunflower oil.
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08 Mar 2009


Sounds good - today will do :)

I love potato meatballs! With cheese I think that will be very tasty!

Very tasty look, well done Yule!

Yesterday I tried them and were great!

Did fry without rolled in something?

is not oval.

look good will try them without stances only eat baked or moussaka that comes cheaply, and I am a student :)

From me and a little cheese - very tasty become :)

Such meatballs much like us. Cheese sometimes put instead of cheese and rolled in breadcrumbs them :)

Auuu, I made a typo - add Cheese :)

My wife made for her, and I did eat them they are great

This cheese is a great idea! A little vidoizmenih recipe - put 2 eggs instead of 3, not put onions and spice - parsley and pepper. Baked them in a pan without oil put. Became mmm! :)

Super retseptichka! Prepared them exactly proved to be perfect! Congratulations for the great recipe!

I put 2c. l flour mixture itself, green onions and cheese also 1 / 2h. l savory. Are uniquely delicious

Can a little detail to describe the recipe? What spices are placed, onion you put or green onions, because the picture clearly distinguishable green onion seedlings? And fried with flour or is nothing, or ...? Thanks in advance! :)

Marielita, successful recipe exactly as written - no flour and spices in the selection, you can put red pepper, savory, pepper, curry, herbs or other - as they are delicious you you. Do not forget to salty. Recipe put Chapter 1 onion, but a picture 4 Zoritooo is put instead of green onions as you can read in comment 14 (just below your).

Hello girls, I did everything exactly the recipe, the only different is that peeled potatoes before boiling, frying them now, but sprayed a lot of what may be because someone has an idea? :(

I made meatballs, just as a recipe. Were wonderful to me now always breaking down, but this time, looked very good and were very, very tasty. Thank you!

Super. Very tasty and I broke up, but I put the mixture for several hours in the refrigerator.