Adrianople temptation with leeks, potatoes and cheese

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2014
500 g Edirne peel
400 g yogurt
2 eggs
10 g baking powder
# For the filling:
1 stalk leek (small)
4 potatoes
300 g feta cheese
30 g butter
Adrianople temptation with leeks, potatoes and cheese
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Potatoes, peeled, boil, but not to their full readiness. Allow them somewhat rigid to can then as cool them nastarzhem planer easier. Chopped leeks and fry in the butter. After softening it, and add shredded potatoes, sprinkle with salt (not too far, because then I'll add the feta cheese), a little pepper and mix. After a few minutes, down from the heat. Smash the feta cheese and add him. Stir. yogurt, mix with baking powder and add the beaten eggs. Expand sheet. Each crust put egg-milk mixture and then the other stuffing. On top sprinkle with sunflower oil and envy to the short side. Rolled cigars, arrange to each other in a greased pan, coated with beaten egg, a piece of butter, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake at 170-180C degrees until ready. I want to clarify that the potatoes absorb the fat and do not seem surprising that unless braised leeks and then again each sheet sift sunflower oil. After baking is nice the banitsa be served after poizstinala because potatoes are very hot. * I personally fill in pan diameter 36 cm.
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27 Oct 2014
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Edirne thick wafers are baked on hot plate sheets, right?

Nevi, hello! :) Edirne peel thick, similar to those baked on hot plate. Normally the package contains eight rectangular wafers. I have not paid attention to the weight, whether it is 400 or 500 With them, I personally fill in a pan with a diameter of 36 cm. The bad thing is that Sofia did not find them, rather chains not upload them. Svekito of Plovdiv provides me with them. ;) Many are good, peel! I hope I've been helpful with the explanation! :)

Lily, congratulations! Very appetizing photos! :)

to, are thick and are very nice. Always with them and make the pie taste closer to home peel. Dense and delicious. Thank you, I try to take pictures and to get good photos :)

to intervene and I :) I looked for information on the sheet and here's what I found: pastry *Edirne* - 500 gr., Pastry *Edirne ROUND* - 550 grams. Here's how they look:

Thanks girls for explanations :) I've seen in the comments on recipes with sheet sach mentioned Adrianople sheet, but to be sure ask. I put the recipe in the collection for pies with crusts of sach.

On pie like this, one of my aunts and says Potato pie. Prepare it with domestic filo pastry, its own production :) bake it on the stove, in the oven and not become such delicious ... But unfortunately is unlikely to try this its pastry, and put this recipe in a folder favorite weekends will roll up their sleeves :) Thanks the author :) :) :)

Please nothing. The products are to my taste, but anyone can reduce or increase the amount of products as he likes :)