Book decoration layered cake

Submitted by enr on 08 Dec 2011
fondant, white
1 tbsp natural cocoa
1-2 tbsp alcohol
sugar pearls, very fine
2 kit-cat
# Required materials:
tweezers with sharp points
foam pad
confectionery starch
paintbrush round with needlepoint
knife or pizza cutter
metal or wooden skewer
tool with a pointed tip
Book decoration layered cake
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Working surface powdering with starch - I use handmade bag made of cheesecloth. Fondant rolled Ellipse thickness of about 5 mm. Insert a whole kit-cat and even a broken one block. Efforts are to back up. Make a thick wick of fondant and it surrounds the chocolate block on 3 sides. Cardboard cut strip as wide as the thickness of the block wrists and long as the circumference of lined 3 countries. This strip of cardboard covered wick to not dirty as painted book. The wick will represent the pages as seen on the side of the closed book. Fondant is wrapped once seemed close Cannig, noted far it takes otgrashta and with a knife or pizza cutter to cut the binding * * so that it protrudes a few millimeters above the * * pages. The book closes with a cover finished and moved on with powdery starch card. In a cup of cocoa mixed with alcohol and brush painted bindings. Painted well anywhere, taking care not to leave white spots. Leave pozasahne, but not quite. Using tweezers and a pointed instrument is decorated with pearls. Prevent tweezers should not touch to paint, and pearls are placed a few millimeters in height and are pressed with sharp tip of the instrument. Done decorated book moves on with powdered starch foam padding, removable cardboard strip preventing pages * *. If there are other white spots, stained with cocoa and tapered brush. Long, with powdery starch spit, pressed to the white fondant and thus can recognize pages. The finished book is left to dry before moving on the cake. * described color is to put together a booklet look antique - in my case Bible, Koran and may depend on the occasion. Making primer novel and others. can be used colored fondant. * Depending on the desired decoration, can be used any material. I describe exactly my bible. * For filling can use other blocks, just in my case, the length, width and height were exactly as I could have imagined. Do not use material that deforms - such as waffles. * The set complexity for the production of the book. Depending on how you will be decorated, vary and complexity. Described way with an appliquéd pearls is laborious and requires a calm hand and patience. * The amount of the fund depends on the size of the book. In my case, it was a ball of orange size as to be able to prepare if generously. After cutting my stay more than half. * Whatever decorations book to choose - watch is appropriate for the occasion. In this case, the Bible is Orthodox ornaments because goddaughter was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. Catholic Bible seems otherwise. Thorough research before work saves awkward situations.
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08 Dec 2011


Superski - and I do a book only of bread, I hope soon began to dominate and confectionery. Sym decided to try tonight pyk hopefully get me

I apologize for the bad photos from the making - was filmed at night with a phone without a flash. Upload a photo just to illustrate the making. If admins consider - you can delete them.

The first pictures when he wanted to ask you is true bible or edible, but then decided it would be foolish to ask and I said is the cake is healthy withstand a book, wow Raleigh directly'm in shock, incredibly beautiful true craftsmanship golden hands you have! I am delighted! For this cake will not worthy of evaluation, it is the top!

Raleigh and candles on your cake you made?

I was dumb! ... Whatever you say will be less. The entire cake is unique and gently beautiful! Aliana, you admire the skill, patience and precision and to the smallest details. Thanks for the detailed written technique - I learn more and more and will ever take.

Thank you, girls! :) Flower, to the candle is made also by me, tomorrow will put make separately.

Very stylish decoration ... perfect! Bravo, Rally!

look, look recipes but this is vryshtane - unique, not Sym never seen such a beautiful cake

As individual details that are made with great skill and precision, and the whole cake is incredibly beautiful! I admire you, Rally!

Rally BRAVO! E shows you who is master. Very nice decoration with great occasion cake. Compliments again is wonderful ...

Oh I forgot the assessment it deserves although it seems too small for me ten ...

Bravo! Is great!

unique as always! Congratulations, Rally!

Girls and boys, thank you heartily for the good words and ratings! As I wrote to other recipe - from the guests themselves the party received a lot of praise for the flavor and appearance of the cake, and for subsequent orders. But praise here on the site have more value for me because I know you longer and because I value your opinion! :)

Rally, I already wrote about the cake, but put and evaluation. Once again well done!

Set your ratings!

absolute masterpiece! :) Well done! Is unique! I bet you will have it in the contest of the month and vote with two hands *for*

Aliana can I share photos vyv Facebook in a group that is for chefs, but mostly confectioners. Will remain without dyh, I'd like to see this shedyovyr

unique is the word.

I have no words! Great beauty! And always comprehensive in does presentation of recipes.

Girls, thank you from the heart to praise :)einjal, of course you can! Thank you for asking me to agree :)

thank you, how will delight girls of this beauty - strong pregrydka

Just no words, whatever you say will be less. Amazing.

Thank you :) Peiyatno is where the work is estimated :)

this cake looks amazing. Is unique. Brabham of the master. Many more beautiful things to do.

Thank you, Theodora :) very pleased me with his comment :)