Bulgarise Moroccan chicken with couscous garnish

Submitted by enr on 11 Nov 2012
500 g chicken
5-6 mushrooms
2 green peppers
2 carrots
400 g peeled tomatoes diced canned
4-5 garlic cloves
1/2 onion
1 glass onion
1/2 lemon
100 g pitted black olives
1 tbsp butter
olive oil or sunflower oil
100 ml red wine
150-200 g couscous
1 tbsp soy sauce
* Pikantina * chicken * * Pikantina for vegetables
saffron, sumac, coriander, curry, paprika, cumin, salt
Bulgarise Moroccan chicken with couscous garnish
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Cut the chicken into cubes and fry in 1 tbsp butter and sunflower oil with Picatinny * * chicken and soy sauce. When you acquire a golden color remove it from the pan. Cut the vegetables and begin to fry them in fat, which is parzhilo chicken. First put the onion and garlic, then softening them consistently add - carrots, peppers and mushrooms. Add salt and sandwiching with a lid to stew. After 5 minutes, add the tomatoes and when they are posgastyat add chicken, olives, wine and spices. Leave on low heat about 30 minutes and 2-3 minutes before eating to pull from the heat and add the parsley. Cous put up Boil in salted water with a little * * Pikantina for vegetables and butter and boil 20 minutes. Once ready rinse it with cold water to remove the starch.
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11 Nov 2012


This is not true, Moroccan couscous. This is a paste of balls that says couscous. Moroccans tov them is completely unknown product on top of everything is miles away in terms of taste. Furthermore sumac used more in the Middle East, not to mention that Pikantina in Morocco will, no other places where many Moroccans, such as France. The recipe is very Bulgarian equivalent. Pity. Moroccan cuisine is fantastic and deserves to be crippling.

Trashy comment. As you do not like does not make it. I do not claim to own Moroccan course, it would be for the Bulgarian equivalent and we are here to do something similar and close to Moroccan cuisine.

Oh, well ... When I write that something is super and I like reading, no one says unnecessary comment, makes her as you like! Real couscous should have in the Arab stores in Bulgaria. Probably not, and he knew that worldwide couscous is something completely different from what BG is called so. Ignoring the specifics of a kitchen will never get close to her liking. This is a dish with pasta. May be tasty, but not to approach the Moroccan kitchen.

I do not know, but I have lived in Arab countries, feet'm Moroccan restaurants and so on.. Couscous using in Morocco is prepared by chef manually, not buy if we have to be precise.

I forgot to add that I'm Palestinian and I have it with Arabic spices such as sumac ...

You're not able to understand the difference between commenting on the recipe and tell your resume. Can of Palestine, and I am Bulgarian - this does not change the recipe. And as I am not Palestinian, why I have over 200 spices in your kitchen? What has the nationality of a person to the fact that it is open to the tastes and flavors of the world? I stop to comment because it is a farce.

Stop because not interesting to me, and I do not particularly care what you write. I am an amateur and I do not pretend that I cook. Only 24d. and I think I was doing well for my short experience. I have no ambition to participate in contests or to seek approval from anyone. Publish because I like the site and because it draws a lot of ideas here and I want to share with other cooks like me who now learn, not those with 200 spices in the kitchen.