Sauerkraut with rice and pork

Submitted by enr on 17 Feb 2010
1 sour cabbage
500 g rice
500 g pork
1 onion
2 carrots
1 tbsp paprika
sunflower oil
Sauerkraut with rice and pork
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Cabbage exuding and cut. Carrots and onions finely and fry until golden. Add the meat, cut into medium-sized cubes. When fried meat, add the cabbage, pour 2 cups hot water not burn. When the cabbage is tender, add the rice. Once the rice, put paprika, oregano and salt. Pour into pan and bake until the water boil off.
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17 Feb 2010


It seems tasty. Will do these days :)

I never thought that she would eat such a thing, but it never really came across yesterday prepared to stop to eat. Stahota yummy. I added two tomatoes and canned

also added three leaves bay leaf

Very tasty recipe was fascinated, only instead of oregano I added *curve Merudia*. :)

Thanks for the easy and nice recipe !! Was very tasty !!! Instead of oil put lard added and pepper. Goes to *Favorites*.

Indeed, the recipe is very easy and very tasty. A zashto put lard instead of oil, it is well combined with sour Saale, but I am amazed by the idea (of bubi) to add tomatoes in sauerkraut - irreconcilable tastes as me, but every preference ...

sauerkraut put two tomatoes canned or fresh if and two cloves of garlic, I know that chef, GOFI cooking is an advanced concept, as you say everyone has their preferred I eat honey with sugar not believe that there is someone like me.

When you cook fresh cabbage agree to put tomatoes, but tomatoes sauerkraut will sell even more sour taste, but that's not the goal right?

Cabbage does not become sour and give a pleasant smell!

I made the dish, but not put onions, carrots and salt. I added 2 bay leaves and svinka mass - 2 tablespoon. spoons. About salt in the recipe, sauerkraut to put / ?! / Mildly - odd. Very tasty is, after 1, 5 hours boiled green melts in the mouth.

do similar recipe in the family for several generations. But, please, onions, carrots, tomatoes?!?!?!?!?!?! Profane nice winter dish! The sweetness of the onion and carrot spoil the unique taste of sauerkraut. I wrote a family recipe, but the editors will consider that there are similar. Here we tell you. Cabbage cooked at least 2 hours on a slow fire (boil cabbage juice, but if too sour made 50/50 water and cabbage juice), 30 minutes before removing from heat add the rice. Meat fry him well, adding salt and pepper. Pour the cabbage in a baking dish, make a hole in the middle and put 1. L. Red pepper, seasoning with hot oil from fried meat and mix well. Initiate the meat in the pan by gently pressing to sink in cabbage and bake in the oven until top pozapeche. Try this option.

Only you desecration very far-fetched, every family has a recipe for cooking sauerkraut, according to our tastes.

I also like panko and didkapan, except putting salt, onions, tomatoes and carrots sauerkraut, add bay leaves and replace oil with mass / if I / Crisp and very very slow fire, but ultimately the question taste ...

I did and put a carrot and onion, and sometimes leeks. One onion and 2 carrots, unlikely much will taste sweet. Becomes much more tasty. You know about umami - the natural glutamine most is content in fresh onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cabbage. Moreover, everything depends on the size of cabbage. If it is less than about three pounds - two after the drain becomes rice sauerkraut, but not vice versa. In this case it is necessary and a little salt and tomatoes for flavor and acidification. Some may put and cabbage soup, but for me then the dish becomes a little more specific taste *fart* :). Furthermore, not brew green to complete softening because his straight mashed. The tastes are different, that recipe is nice, I have rules if you have smoked ribs - it incredible yummy. As in the joke about *The meal of the dead* - a widower married again, always something missing in his dishes on his new wife .. and so one day in which a woman Zagora beans. Reply husband and was that finally cooked nice. Poor .. was becoming accustomed to tanned dishes - for him it was a benchmark for taste. :)

When lean cook cabbage with rice - put onions and savory. When do cabbage with pork - meat put cumin. Both options add paprika. Never add carrot, tomato, and even less rosemary. Now I'll try to cook cabbage with meat and rice, but rosemary and carrots, and write.

greenfield Chubrika would not complicated, but we are all different flavors, my girlfriend was added cinnamon sauerkraut and it was not bad.

Someone noticed you half kilo of rice in this recipe ...?!?!?!? This would be like rice surprise inside :) Not put more than 100 grams of rice as meat.

500 gr. Rice is two cups of 250 ml, maybe the author like cabbage with plenty of rice. I personally do it with a cup and in the manner which is described didkapan. Put only meat, cabbage, rice, cabbage soup, fat and paprika, when I do red. And for the same reason I have not shared a single recipe / *but the editors will consider that a similar* /.

The recipe is very successful, and added onions and carrots. Only nalamilh rice cup and a half. Without salt, because cabbage is salty enough. I do it a few times and love it at home.

Onions and carrots do not put this dish. Meat my normal one not very large cabbage is about 800 g., About 1 hour. h. put rice. Replace with oregano and savory and always put 1-2 chillies, especially pickled. And I like didkapan brew cabbage at a slow fire for about an hour and a half for sure. Salt according depends how salty cabbage, but put pepper. I have always received very tasty. Christmas do sauerkraut but put 2-3 dry red peppers. Becomes very palatable.