Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta

Submitted by enr on 23 Apr 2012
250 g cannelloni (1 box)
500 g feta cheese Ricotta
200 g cream cheese with herbs
3 cloves garlic
500 g spinach
1 onion
2 eggs
400 ml cream
200 ml tomato juice
2-3 tomatoes
200 g grated cheese
salt, pepper
sunflower oil for frying onions
Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta
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Spinach is cleaned. In a saucepan fry the chopped onion, add it to the spinach and put cover until settles. Allow it to cool and cut into small pieces. Heat the oven to 180C. In a bowl put rikotata, cream the feta cheese, spinach, and two eggs. Stir and taste blend with garlic, pepper and salt. The mixture was poured into freezer bags, tightly tied and cut corner. The filling is injected into cannelloni. Filled tubes are arranged in the tray. Separately, in a bowl mix the cream, tomato juice and diced tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. The resulting mixture is poured cannelloni. The tomato dice are distributed evenly over them. Cannelloni split with a fork so that the sauce fall between them. Sprinkle the grated cheese. Cannelloni bake 35 minutes. * Rikotata may be replaced with well-drained whole-milk cottage cheese. * cannelloni can flood and Napoli sauce (recipe here - Спагети Napoli ), and to impose washers with feta cheese mozzarella.
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23 Apr 2012


I loved how it looks and if it tastes good, like the last photo will do as your children come for weekends. Now went to favorites.

No way is not tasty, I've stuffed with minced meat, but this way I like it more with spinach, in the near future will prepare, bravo Ralitsa again offering us something interesting.

And I do them in a similar manner (without cream and quantities of the eye) and very well received. Rikotata is a good thing in itself is not very tasty, but reinforces and adds to the taste of other products.

cannelloni with spinach and ricotta is so typical recipe that even a carton of cannelloni are presented in this way :) With cream definitely not a diet;) but they are very tasty. As I have written, you can pour the sauce Napoli (tomato sauce for pasta, see here here Spaghetti Napoli ) also fits perfectly to rikotata.

Again wonderful recipe! At home we love pasta, lasagna after cannelloni are another favorite dish, the recipe goes to Favorites!