Grated zucchini oven

Submitted by enr on 23 Aug 2010
1 kg zucchini
2 eggs
1 onion
3-4 cloves garlic
1 slice of stale bread or breadcrumbs
2-3 tbsp flour
150 g feta cheese - optional
salt, dill
sunflower oil, butter or margarine
Grated zucchini oven
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Courgettes grate finely (average) grater. Allow to squeeze nice (for meatballs). Squeeze well and mix with chopped onion and garlic, egg, bread crumbs, salt, finely chopped dill and optional feta cheese. Add the flour. The mixture is distributed evenly in greased pan with sunflower oil. Top pieces are put butter or margarine. Bake in a hot oven. Serve with milk-garlic sauce or salad. * If you cut out a circular shape are obtained * Baked meatballs Zucchini *. * Ideas - instead of butter to bake with mayonnaise, to sprinkle with cheese.
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23 Aug 2010


By looking technology, it seems very easy to cook, not only understood why extrude courgettes and will not fry (you have bread and flour will absorb water), or I did not understand correctly?

Initially my intention was to make fried cutlets / meatballs / zucchini. But I do not fried and decided to try to ward mixture. And there was very good! Grated zucchini put in a colander to drain and then pressed them very well. And yet, as I put them posolih and eggs mixture divorce. Bread and flour are not in great quantity, though the dish was zucchini. The aim is to be baked, and not to boil in the oven.

Much yummy! Home do not like a lot of zucchini, but those like them all. Easy and very tasty happened.

Again and again make this recipe. Is great!

LYUBKA, very glad that you have not forgotten the recipe again and you liked!

To the mixture added 200 g shredded cheese and 200g of yoghurt - became super tasty dish :)

Bonnie, you made a new dish! Great you received!

great dish. I am delighted with the result, like on all easy and tasty. Thanks for the recipe.

Mary, thanks for assessment and I am glad you like it!

It is very tasty and easy. Now I wonder if you can become too if mixed zucchini and eggplant?

Ivayla, I'm glad you liked the dish and nothing prevents to try. Only / think / eggplants will have to be cut into cubes, be salted after about half an hour, rinse the bitter water to be dried and added to the mixture / at least I imagine it /. But the idea is not at all bad!

Women, thanks to the appreciation!

Very, very liked us :) So far I have always rules, add yogurt and flour me more, but so are better.

Reni, I'm glad you liked the recipe. And as always - attractive picture!

We very much liked, very gentle in texture and mild flavor! I instead of bread flour and put potato natyazan as moussaka. He takes excess moisture and the pieces are tight. But to each according to taste.

snowy, very good idea Complete recipe! So really that as he likes.

I put 4 eggs and a glass of milk. Skip the bread and sprinkle with diced tomatoes. Finally, shred cheese. Great is yummy!

I put 4 eggs and a glass of milk. Skip the bread and sprinkle with diced tomatoes. Finally, shred cheese. Great is yummy!

Great recipe. I did it faithfully as obtained. Fast, easy and mostly delicious. I make it in regularly. Bravo!

Milena, every idea is welcome to diversify dish :)

Vanya, I'm glad that you tested the recipe and you liked the!

Last night it was dinner, was very tasty. My husband approved, although not a fan of zucchini. Tiny get me, next time I'll put plenty or will use a smaller pan. I thought I would stay for today as I prepared, but ate and further. :)

Nelly, I'm glad that you decided to try the recipe, and even more glad that you liked!

At the risk of repeating myself - are wonderful!

There is no risk :) Repeat and repeat myself, you sweet! :)

A great recipe to prepare it now, I hope to hit only the cooking time!

Yana, nothing complicated in the recipe and I hope you is delicious! I am glad that you have it ready :)

Yes, nothing complicated, it was perfect, all in houses many liked it and ate it all, so again tonight prigotvam him because I'm alone and I want him to be satisfied more :)

This time instead of flour and bread added oats and sunflower. Let the mixture for 2 hours in the refrigerator and then baked. Became very crunchy.

LYUBKA, like me your improvisation! And I add oats and sunflower meatballs Zucchini, so my taste is familiar. :) Oatmeal worthy substitute for flour and bread.

I really liked courgettes prepared in this way. I made them exactly the recipe. Even my youngest son (a year and 8 months), somewhat fastidious you eat with appetite. Thanks for the recipe.

dimidim11, very glad that I provoked the small Male to eat! :)

became great

Duska, very glad that the dish you like! I wish you success and following recipes from the site! :)

Ina, this is one of my favorite meals with zucchini :) Now they are baked in cake form and I filled them with mayonnaise with dill and garlic, olives and tomatoes. Great recipe!

Wow! Reni, given it his great this dish! One can thus be otsrami and the guests! Thanks for the idea! :)

Ina, maaanichko changed the method of preparation and I hope not to offend. Courgettes (sliced) zapekoh advance to the oven on baking paper. Already ready rearranged into a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs baking pan flooded with a mixture of eggs, cheese and zapekoh. Great work! :)

Orris never be mad when someone uses my idea! On the contrary, I am very pleased that each moisture from myself something of their own and complement the recipe. :) Just in case, I think, you made a new recipe and I recommend you upload it to the site, along with the photo because it is easy and interesting! Glad though the idea I was no good! :)

Again prepared favorite zucchini. This time, instead usually flour, put corn. Added and 2. L. A mix of seeds :)

Bonnie, I'm glad that again made this recipe and as always enrich it with something of their own! :) Thank you!

Yesterday I tested this recipe. Added to the mixture than cows and grated processed cheese, and top I poured a mixture of eggs and cheese. Very tasty get!

Again courgettes I did, but this time I added half a pack (about 5 grams) baking powder and put on top except oil and sliced ​​processed cheese. It was the first time as well, but this time seemed more fluffy than baking powder.

Milenka, I'm glad that you liked the idea and I tried the dish, supplemented by your taste! :)

dimidim11, sorry that later read your comments - yesterday and today make these zucchini and with pleasure I tried to add baking powder! But - next time! :)

Ina, do not stop doing them, but now I am embarrassed to photograph them :) :)

Why was nice! Every time it becomes something different, whether shaping as to whether the presentation! So - upload! I'm nakanila steal your idea to bake cakes in shape, but to see when it will be! :)

Ina recipe is great, thanks! Yesterday I did (we ran out), today again, but triple dose! Photos did not do, because I have a problem with the company in uploading photos. The recipe I shared with my mother, and she with her friends ...Thanks again for a great recipe:) Manuela Ferrer :)

I put more dill and cheese and a little red pepper

Manuela, very glad that you liked the recipe and share it with your friends! Sorry I can not upload photos, I hope to fix the problem! :)