Tiramisu Cake type

Submitted by enr on 23 Nov 2007
300 g biscuits Breakfast (1 package)
400 g sour cream
4 tbsp sugar
1 vanilla
1 cup lukewarm filter coffee without sugar
cocoa (sugar)
Tiramisu Cake type
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Beat the cream, sugar and vanilla cream. In shallow dish arrange row biscuits dipped in seconds in the cooled coffee cream cream line. Complete with cream cream. Allow to stand in a refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Before serving, sprinkle with cocoa.
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23 Nov 2007


this tiramisu is worth a thousand times more than those who sell them in shops and cafes. Became very light and tasty and done within minutes. Well done.

I did this Tiramisu with minor changes - the biscuits are my breakfast and instead used the cream cheese with a little yogurt. Really become fast, easy and very tasty!

Thanks for the great recipe. That was quick and amazing taste. I put the coffee isentsiya rum and cream cheese in the cream.

Here these biscuits and cake, which we use, are very nice. I tried them once and I was pleased. Saving you time by ordinal, and not crumbs fly :)

Very tasty dessert out. Will be done often.

has meaning to try it with biskvite breakfast with biscuits and still doing it, but I hope to some day nakanya

I did it in Jena Court, however, it broke and now I do not know what I would be comfortable doing it in Jena biscuits was Idalah

Today we did with my daughter exactly the recipe, but we put three tablespoons more sugar. My husband was fascinated. The dessert is delicious.

Excellent recipe.Easy, tasty ...Will do very often.

I just did. Girls know why some cream was my rare-put 6s.l. of cream sugar .. you do not know. Now is in the refrigerator-whether you tense?

Desi obviously your cake themselves together. Very good looks in the picture - delicious !!

Mmmm, gorgeous picture, Desi!

and I liked the picture of Desi, making it willy time to wait too long to tighten

Oh, thank you girls. And we did not have much time to clamp-hour and a half, but I've done in Jena rectangular court that otherwise would have expired cream .. Pete, you got the idea!

Today I did it twice - first with my brother and now here. Once with crackers, once with biscotti. Not cut yet, will report for feedback as it try. For making - super easy!

cake was pretty cool, tasty, but with a little dry biscuits for tiramisu. They definitely should at least double their dose of coffee for irrigation. Photos have only biscuits.

Ohoo how appetizing photos see here ... Super! But I think I see something between biscuits? Is it sweet? Only my cream apparently became redichak ..

Desi will jam. Just order any cream sprinkled with cocoa before again put biscuits. I would have liked and my cream was to become more redichak, then biscuits would moisten better. But Biscuit is ideal density!

I suspect that this will become the new favorite cake of our family. Already in favorites this week will try it. Congratulations for easy and delicious recipe!

On this I say economical and delicious tiramisu. Congratulations for the recipe!

And I did today - with biscuits. Left my 6 pack of biscuits, but I got exactly the cream. May the coffee I was warmer :) but his pie became perfect, and sorry for yourself is yummy :)

And can you tell what it sprinkle cocoa?

I sprinkle it with Nestlé. Moisture cream darkens it.

cake is delicious and prepared quickly and easily!

Wonderful, easy, fast and juicy.

delicious pictures: d and I will do it soon

Benny, thanks for the recipe! :) Quick, easy, light and delicious! I added to cream, 4-5 p. L. Yogurt 4, 5%. Sugar increased to 8 p. L. To peak. It was perfect. Long waiting line, but now thereabouts will be done frequently. :)

I'm glad you liked it.