Gratin potatoes

Submitted by enr on 21 Feb 2009
1 kg potatoes
150 g feta cheese
100 g cheese
1/3 cup sunflower oil
50 g butter
3 eggs
1-2 tbsp flour
2 cup milk
5 tbsp yoghurt
pepper, salt
Gratin potatoes
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The potatoes are washed and peeled, cut into cubes and boil. The feta cheese is comminuted and mixed with 2/3 of the oil and pepper and the part of cheese. Gently fry flour in the butter and diluted with milk. The resulting sauce after boiling was removed from heat, mix with beaten eggs and seasoned with salt. In an oiled baking dish ranks layered potatoes and feta cheese over potatoes. Pour over the prepared beshamelov sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake at moderate temperature until slightly browned. Serve with 1 tablespoon yogurt.
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21 Feb 2009


Another yummy potatoes! Great dish flowers!

Well done, this is the original recipe for gratin.

Ole, as I like postnichko ... Sounds very appetizing

misunderstood where is the place of 5-TTE tablespoons yogurt?

In serving :)

Well, thanks, but I already put them in bechamel! :) Hehe and not bad, became gratin!

I see no flour in the ingredients?

must be put in a very good sound

incredible yummy! Bravo!

Very good recipe. Very tasty stannates :)

Very tasty, easy and wonderful gratin! Bravo!

Thank you girls for the good reviews and beautiful pictures,

very easy to prepare and really delicious! All home also very liked it :)

Oh, I love gratin, I can not eat any more time, and not only I, but all my family!

Very tasty until I feel like eating :)

Very tasty, my boy liked a lot. Will prepare him often.

It was a great meal! My husband and prepare it was great! Gratin will become one of her favorite meals for us! :)

Very, very tasty and became all liked it. Thanks for the recipe. :)

One of my favorite recipes! Very tasty!

wonderful happened! Just before serving, narasih with fresh parsley.

love it! Home is one of the most favorite meals :)

Great recipe. Most delicious gratin I've eaten, and cooked :)

Hello gratin will happen to the upper plate

At the risk of repeating everything said here, but I think that is a great recipe! It was delicious gratin! :)

There is only one word for this recipe and it is fantasy!

Very easy and delicious recipe! :)

thanks for the recipe :) greetings

Very tasty get! Thanks for the nice recipe! :)

In Argentina made thus tarta, but with fries and a small form ... I might do in a frying pan. On parzhenitr potatoes pour the beaten eggs with herbs of choice. I leave the stove until ready eggs - quickly and easily ...!

Well, this is the cake, which you say, rather like ogretenat patatnik.

It was gorgeous. I have never done gratin with bechamel, but left very pleasantly surprised. Usually gratin still lacked something and was somewhat watery and tasteless. This is great and now the only way to prepare it. Thanks for the recipe, flowers!

I loved the recipe. This fragrance oil is just incredible. Definitely the best gratin that I cooked. Thanks for the recipe :)

recipe is great - I got it the same in a very old cookbook from my mother. Love her very much, because always gets great gratin. :)