Cocktail * Smart girl *

Submitted by enr on 30 Nov 2010
1/6 raspberry juice
1/6 juice peaches
1/6 juice of strawberries
1/6 juice oranges
1/6 banana juice
1/6 fresh cream
2 tsp caster sugar
3 ice cubes
This cocktail includes 6 main ingredients. 1/6 means that you have the ingredients in the same amount - for example, 20 ml each ingredient. All the ingredients are broken down with a shaker or blender. Drain and garnish with slices of orange or peach. If you decide to change any of the ingredients in any case do not put lemon (even to decorate) to not cross the cream.
Very easy
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30 Nov 2010


-loving, how he drank this cocktail at the time, was very modern ... In practice it is food:-)) In the summer heat at the beach was only *smart* thing - on the one hand beautiful and stylish cup in hand, on the other - no alcohol.

Yes, darling, and I pomnya- was hit in restaurants, but still offered. I've done it at home, but I had forgotten, but that day I did mainly cleaning and sought out old newspapers and magazines with recipes :)