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2 cups flour
2 cup cornmeal
250 ml milk
1 tbsp honey
11 g of dry yeast
1 tsp salt
30 g butter
sunflower oil - how much take
2 eggs
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Preheat milk put honey and yeast and let them effervescent in this During sift the flour and mix it with the cornmeal, do well and put salt, 1 egg, melted butter, add yeast and effervescent interfere soft smooth dough. Gradually add the sunflower oil in a little as necessary - but not more than 100 ml. We leave it to rise. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts and a separate fraction. Of two equal parts we separate as corn cobs, January nice shape and slightly greased with sunflower oil and do light slits to form grains of corn, then sprinkle with a little flour sieve. From the little dough we left it boring to be like cloth and wrap shaped cob and on like a real corn. Beat one egg yolk with a little sunflower oil and milk and bread spreads already finished, bake in a moderate oven about 30 minutes. * The idea of ​​formation took it from Snejana Kostova.
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25 Oct 2014


Wonderful and original design! Thanks for the recipe!

emp shaping became well, but had to make them smaller to be just like a corn cob that both are quite large, but so is eaten immediately

Petya, very beautiful and original rolls, bravo ..

in a culinary group saw a woman, I pointed the name Snejana Kostova, very tasty became