Dark kozunak (for diabetics)

Submitted by enr on 02 Apr 2010
1 egg without the yolk 1 tsp
50 ml warm skim milk
100 ml warm water
yeast - dry or alive - as 600 g flour
30 ml sunflower oil
1 and 1/2 tbsp liquid sweetener
400 g flour type +200 g to knead
2-3 drops of rum and vanilla
zest (optional)
# For kneading:
50 ml sunflower oil
# spreads:
1 tsp hot water
2 drops of liquid sweetener
1 tsp yolk
# For sprinkling:
muesli, oatmeal and lemon peel etc.
Dark kozunak (for diabetics)
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Of these products are not very gently kneads dough. As you absorb the necessary flour, the paste is spread as pita, melting hands kneading the oil and knead the dough with sunflower oil, until soft and smooth mixtures. Can take less or more sunflower oil, it depends how hard is omesilo dough with flour. Tangle kozunakste (the kozunak), the dough is divided in two and each half respectively of three shallow with a diameter of about 2 cm. Braided kozunaks be placed in separate forms, pre-greased and dusted with flour and leave to rise. As triple its volume, are coated with sweetened egg yolk and sprinkle with granola, oatmeal and lemon peel etc. Bake at 150-180 C, the first 20 minutes the oven is not opened, then screened and fired to the desired degree. Oven off and leave in the oven again under observation for a short, open the door and so is allowed to cool. * With the above products can be made two the kozunak diameter of 15 cm or form a kozunak, the diameter may be 20-22 cm, but a deeper, to lift up the kozunak. * The amount of yeast depends on its type, depending on how much dough will be involved - according to the directions of the yeast specify the type and quantity of her.
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02 Apr 2010


will try the recipe, but one issue. live yeast is not equal to 1 pc. dry. Usually packet yeast is alive in '42 and 2 kg of flour and dry for 500 g flour / at least as I've enjoyed and is currently on the market /. Please clarify.

I am for this dose used per kilogram of dry yeast dough and yeast opotrebih preblizitelno half. I put a little more for a more secure and really rise well. I want to share my impression that the type of flour is easy to handle and the dough becomes soft and easily interfere.

Thanks for the clarification. In this case, if I use live yeast should be about 14 g (1/3 bag) for this amount of flour - 600 And another question - what sweetener you use?