Dough 1-2-3

Submitted by enr on 26 Oct 2009
100 g sugar
200 g butter
300 g flour
1 level tsp baking powder
1 egg
Dough 1-2-3
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This dough is mainly cakes with fillings (such as cheesecake or fruit) for cakes and biscuits. 1-2-3 says because the ratio of products: 1 part sugar, two parts butter, 3 parts flour. The dough is sifted (possibly with baking powder or vanilla), mixed with sugar, add the butter, cold and cut into lumps. Triturated to give a crumb which is forced in a ball and before further use was allowed for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator. It is important not to intervene to melt the butter. If you put an egg, put it together with the butter. Another way is to put everything on board and chop knife to mix completely. This prevents more from melting than rub hands. The dough is rolled out, it is lined baking form and proceed in the selected recipe. The amount is enough for the veneer of two forms with a diameter of 26 cm. or a cake bottom and cover the dough. Quantities square tray oven: 450 g of flour, 300 g butter, 150 g sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp baking powder 5. The dough is ideal for grating. The most easy and quick option - filled with cooked pudding mixed with fruit and bake about 30 minutes at 180 C. For cakes without baking: the shape is lined, to bake 15-20 minutes, cooled and makes the filler. The time for baking cakes with dough that always depends on the filling. Biscuits and cookies cut from it, bake 8-10 minutes at 180 C. There are other ratios for the dough: flour - butter 2: 1 or even 1: 1, and sugar to taste. dough is crumbly, which has brought him name in different countries - Shortcrust, Pasta frolla, M & # 252; rbeteig, Prhko tijesto, Pastaflora. * I experimented and I have rules for savory and savory Tartelettes or pretzels. Always received.
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26 Oct 2009


Fast, easy, memorable! Bravo, Rally for the recipe! Go directly to the favorites.

Since when looking for a similar recipe (maybe this one). I have tried pastry crumbly shortbread (at the cafeteria), but did not know how. Nice! Aliana, you are also wonderful! I admire the desire, which cook food and that you share with us their skills. I notice that entering the site every day, looking exactly your recipes. Probably will not be able to try all of them, but you know they are amazing. And some of them - unique. Congratulations!

Thank you for the nice words:-) The dough is really easy and universal. Especially now, with the advent of the season of winter casseroles, enter quite in use:-)

pie dough so you can eat immediately or should stand like Linz cake?

very justified question:-) Where egg and baking powder - can be eaten immediately and very tasty bottom! Without baking powder - should also be able, as moisten the filling. But I'm not do without them. The other day, when I put the recipe and made a chiyzkey who even failed to cool - disappeared within minutes and was very tasty, including the bottom! For sweet - I've no egg and baking powder, as put vanilla, lemon and / or orange peel, cinnamon and / or other spices and nuts. Once cool I soak them in couverture, for example, and then - in boxes. Enduring months, and stay moisturize and definitely better as more time standing.

God, Raleigh, how far I have not seen your lovely recipe for shortbread ...? So nice to explain everything! Only to ask, Have you tried to do this dough in a blender (Fuudprotsesor)? To prevent the heat from the hands but was well kneading. I immediately flipped this wonderful retseptichka! Hello! :)

flowers, I have not tried. If you do experience said :)