Podlucheni roasted zucchini

Submitted by enr on 10 May 2009
2 zucchini
1-2 sprig of fresh garlic
2-3 sprigs of parsley
2-3 sprigs of dill
Podlucheni roasted zucchini
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Courgettes cut into rings with a thickness of about 3 mm. Slightly add salt and leave for half an hour. Drip of water are released. Each wheel is add some flour and arranged in thoroughly greased baking dish with olive oil together. On each pipette a few drops of olive oil. Bake on middle BBQ, strong oven. When lightly browned, off and wait until better browning. Parsley, dill and garlic finely. With latticed spoon is removed courgettes and arrange in a shallow plateau. Sprinkle with plenty of chopped spices and vinegar to taste. It ranks second on the first row and again is seasoned with vinegar and green. Serve with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese.
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10 May 2009
Yonka Raikova


Bravo Maggie! I always do courgettes, do not fry them because it is very slow and dirty. And prepare sauce with yogurt and garlic and dill them. Will try and your vinegar.

And I do them well, and also sometimes inundate them with spiced yogurt. Bravo

Thank you girls today will make them as a side dish to grilled chicken :)

Great, Maggie. Also do courgettes in a pan and roast them, but I have not looked back since then so to flavor.

Very nice recipe Maggie. Bravo! Only that I put the obligatory for zucchini dill.

Desi good idea to give dill! Thank you!

Even sometimes for variety, plenty Fry onion and garlic. Uttering row zucchini line of Zap. onion, top range filiiki tomato, zucchini and then again so. nNakraya shred cheese. it is also very tasty.

Ohooo, it is no wonder!

Very nice rvtsepta Maggie but if I can make it a heck of cloves that I now no where can I get one and I chopped courgettes :)

garlic I mean :)

may, but need to press it and it confused with green herbs - parsley, dill ...

Thank you very much for the quick response, I was just thinking that maybe later Ill answer me and I had to risk :) Thanks again :)

The magic made them only that they poured with liquid margarine and olive oil that I do not have and I mean that became *brain* Probvaite them are super!Thank you Maggie for the proposal I had never thought of it to roast them and says milniq neither slow nor dirty or you omirisva kitchen :)

love zucchini, will try them. Bravo!

I made them last night, but small and commit me ... little poprepekoha. But although they are crispy, again were delicious :)

Bravo Maggie idea! Easy and fast - just for me!

Bravo Maggie. Jump they imitate in cooking. always have great ideas.

Great work! Become their fans - I mean courgettes and ways of preparation. Uncork pictures.

In the near future will make this yummy, for now .. in favorites. thank you

Now did courgettes were very tasty 4ometoha them in no time :). Thank you Maggie for the nice recipe

They became great will never fried them

and the way I do them, it becomes faster and not fried in oil! and finally thoroughly inundate them with milk and garlic!

Thank you, my husband likes them a lot. And so prepared are more useful than fried :)

Very delicious, already do them several times. I did not suspect that this will be so delicious. Inundate them with milk and garlic are great.

On me something I do not work out, I do not know why but I stuck to the bottom of the pan. Do you put water on the bottom or just fat?

Put only fat, and they actually fry it. If you put the water that I will razkashat. But again depends on your oven. Try to bake with foil or baking paper.

Clearly, I put quite a bit of fat, obviously have plenty. Will again try to prepare.

Well, I decided to try them. Now they are in the oven, then I will report how I felt :)

goodly. Thanks for the recipe. Half made with pickled fennel and parsley and half yogurt and cheese.

At home we love zucchini with yogurt and garlic, but rarely do because I avoid fried. This recipe is a unique

magi71 Thanks for the great recipe. Courgettes are exactly as they like, with golden crust, delicious, melt in the mouth. As I write and swallow. If there was a higher rating I would have otbelezha- EXCELLENT! CONGRATULATIONS!

I am glad that you liked!

I love zucchini! Until now I've always been fried. The recipe I liked and put Bookmark

Many were delicious :) tomorrow will put a picture

And We have been very delicious, thank you!

became very delicious :)

I tried the recipe is super! :) Thanks!