Ellen marzipan

Submitted by enr on 01 Feb 2011
soft wire skeletons and horns (3-4 cm)
granulated sugar
2 tiny beads
fondant modeling
# For glaze:
egg white 1
2 drops of lemon juice
100-150 g powdered sugar - double screened
Ellen marzipan
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First make the skeleton (see photos). Gradually dress body with fondant modeling. Prior to the head to make the horns by cutting with a knife Roll marzipan modeling and pushing the wire - allowed to dry. Make a head holes for the eyes, gently squeezing put beads. So shaped head is added to the body. Carefully placed and horns, while not yet withered head. Beat the icing products, reindeer smeared it with a soft brush and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. * not my idea, but I tried to make it and to share it with you.
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01 Feb 2011


Hey, Nelly frightful. Bravo! Very beautiful.

Reindeer is really beautiful, its super Nelly :) But how is roughly marzipan? And what do you mean marzipan - marzipan Varna? I suppose will happen with real almonds?

Nelly Bravo! Very beautiful reindeer!

Reindeer what I've done is about 7 cm long. The body is approximately 5 cm high. -No head. I can not say how much material I used, because as a paste for modeling, it has already proportion of the mixture letting little dress skeleton forming so. First legs, the body, the other leg. Who will argue as to shape it so it locks. And the amount of material will depend on how much will be done, it is generally haphazard. It was a kink, not to speak to you, but I really enjoy it. Glad you and you like. And I Certainty the gap in recipe edited it slightly because I wrote marzipan and some can do it with marzipan varna, which would be a mistake, I think too soft for this purpose, but I know?

Nelly Bravo! Well you received :)

Congratulations Nelly great Reindeer.

Original! Congratulations!

unique real shedyovyr - congratulations