Fruit ice cream with yogurt

Submitted by enr on 14 Aug 2013
3 bananas
3 ripe mangoes or peaches
1 cup thick yogurt (maybe strained)
Fruit ice cream with yogurt
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Cut the banana into pieces and put them in a plastic box. Peel mango (I used peaches) and also cut it into small cubes and place in a plastic box. Put the boxes in the freezer and frozen fruit. Once frozen well remove them and put them in a suitable container for blending, add the yogurt and blend a homogeneous mixture (if you use it a blender for blending). Then pour the mixture into a suitable container and put in freezer to freeze. Serve with appropriate fruit in the hot afternoons.
Very easy
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14 Aug 2013
24Kitchen Bulgaria-prescription Donna Hay


recipe I liked :) I'll take your suggestion :)

loved us! Indeed suitable for hot afternoons :)

great get ice cream - light, crisp and delicious, thanks for the recipe. I have prepared with mango and thick yogurt. My recipe stands 6 months in Favorites and wait to come due season worth the wait :)

Try it with raspberry-rose super tasty and fragrant, put about 200 g raspberries but first rub them through a coarse grid and then froze the resulting juice.

I like the idea and put you bananas?

not put bananas with raspberries did ..

and I put about 50 grams of powdered sugar that otherwise becomes sour dosta..a was able to experiment with any plodove..vzeh your ice cream machine and will try this recipe with bananas and mango to stir up there, but there is no to freeze fruits and pasiram..da will see what happens ..