Healthy bar with einkorn flour

Submitted by enr on 04 Sep 2014
100 g flour spelled
100 g muscovado sugar
1 tbsp honey
100 g dried fruit (one type or a mixture)
100 g melted butter
1 egg
1 bottle of almond essence
3 tbsp sliced ​​almonds for sprinkling
Healthy bar with einkorn flour
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Mix the flour, sugar and dried fruits. Beat the egg with the essence and add it to the flour mixture. Add honey and melted butter. Confused with a spoon until a homogeneous mixture. In a baking dish measuring approximately 30h15 cm (I use voice yen) paving the bottom with wet baking paper. Pour and spread evenly over the paper. Sprinkle with almonds. Bake at 160 degrees with a fan about 25-30 minutes. When the dessert is ready, leave to cool in the pan for 10-15 minutes, then cut into rectangular pieces.
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04 Sep 2014
adapted from the magazine. GOOD FOOD


recipe is interesting, but I do not know if it really is *healthy*.

Koya ingredient do you think is *harmful*?

Do not say that any of the ingredients is harmful. In my opinion, such as mixing equal amounts of flour, sugar and oil, the result is not very healthy, even one of these components to have a little more vitamins and minerals than usual. In many dried fruits also have added sugar, but (in this case) are the details. Ultimately, the classification of recipes as healthy or not is often a matter of personal opinion. Incidentally, as in this recipe has ingredients that I use, it became interesting what what. I know that here is sold einkorn flour and if I can find muscovado sugar, I tried this and other recipes with them.

And I like Gergancheto do not think that is the recipe can be classified as healthy. In 100 grams of raisins has 70 carbs. +100 G sugar + 1. L. Honey have 200 g of sugar per 100 grams of flour! :) This dramatically increases the level of an insulin in the blood, which has been proven unhealthy :)

In addition to oil, I see no other unhealthy ingredients. If it is replaced by some kind of vegetable, recipe became completely healthy. A healthy diet does not mean. Furthermore, honey has a low glycemic index.

Nobody talks about diets :) talking about that recipe does not supply any body who knows what special health matter, so does is full of sugars and if anyone doubts the unhealthy influence of sugars in the body, it can to recommend him to inform;) Healthy means always doing something for your health. Once a food is not only that it makes good health and directly loaded it, it can not be healthy. The butter may also argue much, it is not subject to this comment.

sugar to sugar - a big difference. If some are not clearly recommend to inform. Brown sugar is included in a healthy diet. Of course, the fewer, the better. Honey and dried fruit you are not healthy? Only if someone is suffering from diabetes, you have to deprive yourself of them (because they do not talk about diets). Closer to nature, the more healthy.

I read about the difference between white and brown sugar and what I learned is that they are almost identical in composition (and health). Our sources may be different, but the problem comes not from indifference or unawareness. Anyway, this is not muscovado sugar and brown must be even slightly useful in terms of mineral composition. As far as I know, healthier / natural sweeteners (except honey) agave syrup, maple syrup and stevia (for this I can think of at the moment), of course if them no harmful additives. On dried fruits - can generally be closer to nature, but some of them add extra sugar, so not everyone is so helpful and natural. Finally, healthy food is so useful to diabetics as for non-diabetics. The diet recommended for diabetics is very healthy and recommended for non-diabetics. And that how much must be careful about what food is another matter.

Oh, many are venturing into the details of today should be available to everyone :) There is no difference in the diet of diabetics and non-diabetics - who wants to be healthy, stick to a healthy lifestyle :) Sugars - even whether natural (such as honey), still have sugars :) Many things in nature that are not good for people - even aside poisonous and inedible plants and animals :) And finally - the dose makes the poison. 100 g flour almost 200 g sugars is quite unfortunate ratio :) Come with Health :)

I do not see why this dispute. :) Since this dose leaving about 20 pieces in each of which there is about 10 g. Sugars. Still talking about sweeten, not a meal. :)

sugar in one serving (25g) wafers *sea* is 105d. I do not see how much it will eat changes the nutritional value of food.

Do not say that changing the nutritional value and that 10 g. Sugar occasionally not hurt anyone.