Home cheesecake yogurt - II type

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2012
400 g tea biscuits (2 packets)
150 g butter
200 g cottage cheese
300 g of yogurt (or 200 g drained)
200 g cream mixing
1 cup powdered sugar
1 vanilla
200-400 g jam fruit of your choice
Home cheesecake yogurt - II type
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The biscuits are ground or crushed in a mortar. Place in a cake form and mixed with the melted butter to obtain a homogeneous base. On them a thin layer is coated sweet. Yogurt is strained. Mix with cream, powdered sugar, the cottage cheese and vanilla. Then pour over sweet. Cheesecake should stand in refrigerator at least 4 hours and preferably 1 night. * sweet you can replace it with canned pineapple. 3-4 tbsp of juice in the can pour on biscuits.
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15 Jan 2012


Looks tasty, must try!

There are full approval of home :)

Hello okay with cream cheese for example as Philadelphia or another brand? How long can strain k. milk? Or maybe with milk large malsenost 10% or something like that. Thanks!

I have not tried with cream cheese. Curd compensate for excessive sweetness and I am not convinced that the cream cheese will do. Review the outcome if you decide to try. Yogurt is strained until it stops running water from the gauze. The higher the oil - the better. If you put ready strained yogurt -nedey it pumping at all.

must be tasty. for now favorites.

a very nice cheesecake pics one is that cadets I was eating in Shatin, thanks for the recipe

I thank you for the nice words, Radka :)

biscuit crust does not get me, you may need more oil to weld.

At 400 grams biscuits 150 g butter is enough. Can poleesh slightly sweet syrup or canned fruit. Sorry I have not been received :(

Izkluyuchitelno delicious chiyzkeik I do several, but this is my favorite. I personally do not put cheese, because I live outside Bulgaria, and no where to buy, but put the cream cheese, the result is incredible. Congratulations to the author! Bravo!

Thank you, Ralitsa! Glad you like it :)

Very tasty! Every time when I do improvise and always happy :) This time divided cream in two, one half in shredded strawberries and bananas in the other. Adorned with grated white chocolate and cherries.

Mmmm, looks superb!

For the first time I try to do Cheesecake! After 4 hours Bede will try and hope eaten! I'll write again.