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2 kg sheep yogurt
250 g sheep cheese
100 g butter
4 cloves garlic
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Yogurt are pumping in a bag of cheesecloth around 10:00. The feta cheese is grated and is thoroughly mixed with the butter, and then added to the milk expressed, along with the salt and pressed garlic. Stir until homogeneous. Serve cold, usually shaped like balls.
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03 Jul 2009


and able with cheese and milk? I guess 4f can but to ask for any event

Of course it can, I've done just yogurt must be more densely, and may strained.

The day before yesterday I made puree, I decided to Rely on the help of my son. The result was that he can facilitate it broke quickly with Blender! While I can intervene, had already happened - mlpkoto become almost liquid :( Very tasty, put garlic in half and half left natur. But consistency is very granted :( Anybody have an idea how can I tightened again? 2 kg are not a few;)

I do it constantly, but I put as milk and cheese as I have. Do not put garlic ,, unless you do some trimming. Otherwise constantly got in a box prepared puree, because I love him. Sometimes I do and milk-compression stove, but it's a very long time. Before brewing yeast starter with siren takes about 5-6 hours. And so with strained yogurt is the most easy and the taste is no different. I use a pail of 2, 5 kg. Turkish shop, with a scoop shovel cooking oil about one-third of the bag 250 grams, cheese but what I do not Scrapers and crumble.

Yanko hello! Please, could you describe how it still with cooking stove! I'm dying of old technology and I think it is very important to at least know them if you do not use:) I see that in Germany and I and another to ask. Where you take the Lab (siren yeast)? I many years taken by a farmer, but now he became grooming :) and no cows. Thank you in advance :)

Hello Ralitsa. Sgatyavaneto of milk cooker do indiktsioniya stove extent of 8 to 12 liters of pot. Brew and wrong as my grandmother one time of the outbreak in the yard. Last time I used one of my old fin food processor, which put the engine on the machine for ice cream and attached the two slats on the pan and turned to stir constantly. Inconvenience was that every time I had to turn the clock mechanism. In pretty much half an hour with cooking salt saltshaker. This milk begins to thicken. But if sprenda confused tan. I do not even clean off the foam and leave her so. As it thickens enough Turn off the heat and leave it for half an hour as though confused to poistine up to 60-70 grams. Then in lukewarm water about 50 grams. Unfold half merilka dry rennet. She is Japanese and have it in Turkish shops. Many busted my ass until I find her, it was not Lab, it was not Hefe fur feta, nakraia go namerih pod imeto Heff fur kaeser, but kutuyata wrote Meito Microdial Rennet. In one box is 100 g., And cheese need 1 gram. 25 liters of milk. With one gram are about 3-4 kg. Cheese. In this very good. And a box of 100 grams. Cost 9 9 Euro. If you do not find, I can send you in the mail from here. So after cool down condensed milk spill yeast and continue to mix 2-3 moments. Then leave it for about 24 hours. They form small lumps and cheese and mix it again and put in boxes. Shelf life is cruel, Eddie

All you have to know that in general, the salt should not allow Stam tvardo cheese. If no salt, the process will continue and will harden milk cheese. It is best to attempt to achieve the best, because I further salt. An acquaintance I had written that did not put salt in advance and follow the starter until a normal for katak and then salted it, as with the salt completely interrupt the process. But I have not tried it without salt. I could try with a little milk, but I do not know whether the store milk it. :)

Yanko, thank you very much, for your time, for shared knowledge, willingness to help! I read with great interest to make a puree, it is a real adventure and I am sure that one day will wrap :) Whether you succeed is another matter, but I will try! Will refer to the yeast - I'll check also Turkish shops and if you do not find - I will turn to you! Once again thank you very much! :): Giflo1:

I have prepared it with strained cow milk and cheese (and not so great in quantity) :) We liked a lot!