Kokoskite mother

Submitted by enr on 10 Oct 2009
6 eggs
4 tbsp margarine
2 cup sugar
4 cup coconut
4 tbsp flour
Kokoskite mother
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Margarine and sugar is melted in a water bath, then cooled. Beat the eggs, flour and coconut. The two mixtures were stirred. Spraying is the cookies in a tray littered with baking paper and bake at 180 C until ready.
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10 Oct 2009


certainly are very tasty, coconut has a great flavor

Really editing will benefit. These are the kind of macros, macros coconut, but with a little flour and fat. The table is actually from coconut. Are good, but is good mixture to stand to swell chips and are juicy and not dry.

recipe is good, but how many minutes have to bake? Does zna4enie what is margarine?

I roast them my 20 minutes, but they will not flour. Probably about 30 minutes, and depends on the size of sledkite. A margarine: only semi margarine can not bake and cook. Must be whole, as Rama or Sanela.

thank you Aliana!

will surely try it, I think that would be great

Great work! Bravo for the recipe! :)

recipe is very successful. this is one of many favorite desserts of our family. Congratulations!

Sweet were amazing, ate almost immediately:) Bravo for the recipe :)