Kozunak with yolks

Submitted by enr on 07 Apr 2012
500 g flour
150 milk
15 g of dry yeast
1 egg
7 yolks
150 g sugar
1 tbsp rum
pinch of salt
100 g butter
1 vanilla
1 tbsp flat mahlep
1/2 tsp cardamom leveled
grated orange peel and lemon
Kozunak with yolks
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Warm milk is mixed with yeast, add 4 tbsp flour mix well, cover and leave in a warm place to rise. yolks, egg crash with sugar and mix with rum, grated orange and lemon peel, vanilla, ground cardamom powder and mahlep and a pinch of salt. Add yeast or leavening mix everything well. The flour is sieved and added in portions to the egg mixture while stirring with a wooden spoon handle only the right direction, thus obtaining the desired thread. Begins to interfere as little added fat and while fully assume. Kneading lasts for about an hour until the dough begins to emit bubbles. Turns well and let rise in a warm place or in a slightly heated oven. The risen dough is entangled in a roll and place on a greased with butter paper towels, place in oblong shaped with high 35h11 8 cm. Leave to rise once more, smeared with beaten egg, sprinkle with sugar and spiked with almonds optional. Bake in moderate oven at 180C. I knead bread machine, integrating program kneading only 15 minutes (number 9 in my machine) 3 times, 45 minutes, then switch to program kneading and rising (number 8).
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07 Apr 2012
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For the first time began to interfere cakes in this recipe as I did a half dose and took turns with my husband in mixing, but because of a problem with cholesterol January swapped to the classic cake. On today's economic crisis and high prices of eggs hardly anyone will dare to do, I decided to share it. But cakes became real cakes ,, ,, not sweet bread.

found mahlep spices and cardamom. Please only comment - is not very strong smell, brings you to the flavor of the *real* cake or more suits Arab pie?

In Arab sweets is not used here and sell it but what benefit do not know, I know from Greek recipes for the first time I bought before 25 stinker. from Greece and ready smlyanna sachets for 1 dose cake here in Libya sell beans, I do so 2 tablespoons mahlep 1/2 l. cardamom 1/2 ff. 2 ink vanillin 2 tablespoons so sugar is digested more easily digest all sift it and put in a jar. 1 kg. put flour 1 1/2 tablespoons of the ground mixture. Try it and see that it is much different.

It'll probably be interesting taste. I have never met ink. If you divide the products in 1 kg. flour which go 3 the cake, the yolks are 14 pc. Oh steffanell, what have you done with 35 protein and 7-8 the cake? How do you bake them, and they will prevtasat!

Marina did half a dose twice proteins do them meringues or throw them at me no problem for eggs currently have 300 units. eggs and must dye them red for all the church Saturday. This makes each year.

See ink a picture here in this recipe Козунак thread in the bread machine - II type sold in pharmacies.

Mahlepa and cardamom (ground) I bought them from the Arab store female market. Mastihata known as true gum is sold in pharmacies, but she found her more complicated! I firmly decided to use these ingredients plus vanilla, lemon peel and scoop rum, only home not kill me;)

Thanks for the information.

recipe is processed only 500 grams. flour.