Layered cake with biscotti and dulce de leche

Submitted by enr on 05 Mar 2012
240 g biscuits
250 g butter
400 g dulce de leche
250 ml cream
fresh milk syrup of biscuits
coconut to decorate
Layered cake with biscotti and dulce de leche
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Stir the cream of the cream. Apart Stir the butter with dulce de leche and mix with the cream. Soak for 1/3 seconds of biscuits in milk. Arrange them into rectangles or dish mazhem with cream again biscuits, cream on them and so until all products. We finish with cream. Top decorate optional. I used coconut.
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05 Mar 2012


An easy bishkotena cake, served with taste. Congratulations to your other cakes!

Where can I buy dulce de leche?

I guess in the big stores there. Check in Billa, Kaufland ... If you do not find, you can do it yourself. Pretend like cooking a tin of condensed milk, wrapped in a towel and put in a saucepan with water. Boil for 3 hours, from time to time make up hot water in order to enable the can to be continuously covered with water. Leave to cool completely and ready.

Here's the recipe Гъст milk caramel - I type (Dulce de leche)