Layered cake ready rolls, cream and chocolate

Submitted by enr on 29 Apr 2014
3 rolls 200 g with a filling of your choice
500 ml liquid pastry cream
300-400 g chocolate spread
10 g gelatin
5 biscuits Breakfast
dipping biscuits - fresh milk, coffee, cocoa
Layered cake ready rolls, cream and chocolate
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Cut the rolls into pieces (I had to 7days with strawberry filling and use them, but chocolate will get better in my opinion). Put fresh foil in a bowl (mine is 22 cm diameter clear aperture and accommodates just 1.5 liters liquid) and arrange the rolls on the walls and bottom of the bowl. You will discover pieces, which can then use as a basis for the cake instead of biscuits breakfast. Beat cream (part of the separated plaster of cake) and mix with the chocolate spread, more chocolate flavor can increase the amount of the chocolate spread. Prepare gelatin. In 100 ml water pour 10 g gelatin and leave to swell. Then a water bath it molten liquid or as I turn it in the microwave for 20 seconds. After a slight cool draining into the chocolate mixture, stir with a spoon and pour into the bowl with the rolls, rake it. Top arrange short dip for crackers in milk or some napita (I immersed myself in them non-fragmented pastry cream). Instead biscuits can arrange other pieces of rolls without them melt in nothing. They will form the basis of the cake in the conversion and. Cover with foil and leave in the refrigerator for at least two hours. To me for an hour in the refrigerator and then 15 minutes in the freezer. Then turn the cake onto a plate and decorate to your taste. I smeared with whipped cream separated and decked with what I had - cigar, stars and pearls. * It was a very delicious cake, with some products, quick and easy to prepare. * As has 2 rolls do not have reached several pieces, so I cut a cookie. If you use larger rolls and cut rolls of thinner pieces and 2 would be enough.
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29 Apr 2014


Very tasty cakes out. I used chocolate rula- exactly 3x200 g. Having been cut to about 1 finger, and put on the cake. Cream I was 400 ml, and the liquid chocolate. My cup is 2 liters and 20 cm at the opening. I also spent some of shattered cream for decoration + little cocoa through a strainer for sprinkling. I had a handful of raspberries and put them in the cream. Very nice freshness lent dessert. I am very dovolna- no time get a lot of delicious and beautiful cake. Thanks for the idea :)

Iliana-1983 is very happy that you Pastry dapadnala with berries idea :) I loved it, next time I will put in the cream.