Liquor After Eight

Submitted by enr on 19 Aug 2010
200 g of chocolate tiles After Eight (1 package)
100 g of milk chocolate
500 ml milk
150 g sugar
3 yolks
450 ml cognac
Liquor After Eight
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Chocolate and tiles are dissolved in warm milk . Add the sugar and the egg yolks while beating continuously. Put it in a water bath and stir until thickened. Water bath can be avoided, then put in a pot on the stove, but fought constantly, bring to the boil again. Remove immediately and kill with the wire (mixer) until it cools down. Pour cognac on stream at constant stirring. Spill in bottles and stayed two weeks before being consumed.
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19 Aug 2010


What are these shock. tiles? I have not heard of them. With the others. chocolate may be replaced or to put essence lifeless tiles.

I'll put a picture of after-Eight. These are thin chocolate bars filled with mint fondant.

I bought chocolate After Eight mint flavor in the New Year by Metro. Packaging is as caddy, and these chocolate bars / tiles / in sachets for Earl Grey tea. I have not seen this recently, but I guess it can also be done by putting a few mint leaves in milk and let it boil for about 10 - minutes, then removed and put in a large amount of milk chocolate - as makes filling Ghana chocolates.

Yes, making resembles that of ganasha, but here there is an egg. The mint taste of after-Eight is very strong, I do not believe with mint tea to achieve the same. Rather chocolate with mint fondant, of Ritter sport available, and Milka were released last summer, they are from the summer series. It can also be done with chocolates filled with fondant, even if not with mint, there are many other flavors - lemon, orange, raspberry ... Will be after-Eight will be another taste, but who likes can try.

What is cognac?

Whatever you have on hand and you can afford. A natural benefit cognac that you like. If it would not file a cognac flavor because you do not like, it makes no sense to use it for liquor or for dessert.

Thanks :) I'll do it soon ...

Today I decided to make liqueur and stopped pelvic recipe immediately tested it with friends and we decided that we will not wait for aging, the combination of mint, chocolate and cognac is amazing. Cognac with 7 stars Napolion French aged '25 in the cabinet of my husband. Raleigh should I wait to fester for two weeks after the cognac is aged in '25 Liquor is a superior taste.

Flower, it is good to rest, taste won by giving them time to develop. But if you do not wait - what the hell, is not you like :)

On the second dose will have time to rest.