Mashed potatoes

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2009
500 g potatoes
200-300 ml milk
50 g butter
2-3 pinches of salt
Mashed potatoes
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Peel the potatoes. Put in water with 1 pinch of salt. Once boiled potatoes, pour the water and smash. Add the fried butter, salt to taste and milk according to density.
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27 Jan 2009


This paste, as we were little was done every single day! My mother to this day it gives an example of how the most delicious thing can get tired, especially the one who does it. But I do not, I love him so much!

That's what I do, but instead put vegeta salt and a little garlic powder.

Good potatoes be creased while hot and in any case with blender, puree it as like glue.

One time I decided to make it easier and faster to break it with a mixer. And I found a new adhesive wallpaper. So that means that although old, are indispensable:-)

mashed potatoes became great I did cold potato cheese and butter became deliciously thick and have to mash well with your hands then with viliza lumps after it Servilia beauty him covered with fork if you want to make dietary put cottage cheese in potato without butter and milk with 1 or 0. 1 percent will become even more tasty and healthy recipe for 5 and goes to Favorites

I make puree with butter. Cooked potatoes to leave some of the water in which mumbo, add milk and butter. Not break with blender and mixer with beaters - becomes fluffy and light.

I do it so long ago and became an ideal side dish add a little grated nutmeg

It is very tasty.

Nice recipe.

I think the milk and butter are a lot about potatoes. I 1, 5 kg of potatoes put 250ml warm milk and 50 g butter. While still hot mash them well with hand blender for potatoes (metal holes) and then add other products. Became his crisp.

became multistage tasty