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3 cups flour
7 g of dry yeast (1 packet)
2 cup water
1 tsp sugar
2-3 pinches salt
1 egg (of your choice)
sunflower oil
honey, walnuts, cinnamon for garnish
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Dissolve the yeast in 1/2 cup hot water and add the sugar. Wait to rise and shape * flap *. In a bowl place the flour, one egg (optional), 2-3 pinches of salt, the rest of the hot water already dissolved yeast. Stir the mixture well. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and leave to rise for an hour. When the mixture is fluffy, heat in a deep pot (pot) enough sunflower oil, so mekichkite swim in fat. Using 2 spoons scooped the mixture, forming balls that then dip in the hot fat. Ready lukumades can syrup with honey syrup and pour honey, sprinkle with plenty of ground walnuts and cinnamon.
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26 Apr 2012


most beautiful lukumades made in the town. Rethymno in Crete, in a family recipe which is inherited more than 100 years. Fry showed them the recipe but do not give. In tradition with my husband always going to eat only there and next time I will take a picture. Incredible sprinkled with cinnamon, honey and something like walnuts.

Are you a caramelized nuts, really want to try to get pictures soon.

Not caramelized nuts, not nuts and I do not know what it does not say when they do home sprinkle with cinnamon honey and sesame, so I ate in Athens, look like no big philosophy, small balls, dough for cakes, but are very tasty, I have pictures but can not find them. Economical as products but are very tasty. As a joke I asked for the recipe but with a look I would have been wiped out. Try not regret it.

I think that the author of the recipe is wrong title Lukumades Greek mekicheta -There mekicheta Bulgarian, Greek mekicheta no, lukumades is small fried balls.

intrigued me with these lokumades. Will give them a try.

rather Greek donuts, not so mekicheta

just read about lukumadesa and I noticed that the Russians it is *pies*, others as *donuts*, while others *just lukumades*

I tried them in Cyprus and was fascinated, very delicious when hot because the very top crust which obraziva the sugar syrup is crispy but already cold become soft and the taste is not the same

Honey syrup is it not a major part of these buhtichki - without it are pretty ordinary fried balls. How to prepare it and how syrup?

watered with pure honey and cinnamon.

VERY delicious is received, the dough becomes very sticky especially as delight, but with spoons as described in the recipe is very Lesto. I had cinnamon so they meadows with honey, I and dandelion honey and sprinkled them with sugar balls.

I did lokumadesa by replacing only 1 cup of water with orange juice, orange peel and put another dry yeast did not saw the expiry date of the first, but I thought, until her Pour over the flour. Indeed, the dough becomes sticky and sharpening as Turkish delight. I almost managed to shape with two spoons, and my balls were with horns and tails :). Became very fragrant air, mekichki and delicious. Sprinkled with honey and ground mixed nuts.

great beauty :) nayadoh with your eyes, well done, congratulations for appetizing pictures are wonderful!

To us this dose is a bit: D overflows with honey, walnuts because I did not.

overflows with honey, nuts, sesame and cinnamon.

I tried them this summer in Cyprus. Turks also make them and say Lokma Tatlisi recipe is the same only that is immersed in a sugar syrup, as tolubmichkite. You can see them here- (https: // www. Youtube. Com / watch? v = TBid_R9t288)