Marinated octopus

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2012
1 octopus, about 2 kg
1 onion
50 ml sunflower oil
2 lemons
100 ml olive oil
1 tsp parsley, fennel, watercress, chervil and borage
3-4 leaves sorrel
1-2 leaf green onions
2 cloves garlic
Marinated octopus
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Prepare the marinade from the juice of the two lemons, peel of half of them, olive oil, salt, garlic and green blending spices, chopped very finely. If necessary, make up a little water. Octopus wash. Stir through the opening between the body and tentacles and by pushing the tooth is removed (see photo 1 and 2 - photo 1 my fingers in the hole Photo 2 arrow shows the mouth, where it was the tooth). Octopus is placed in a large pot with about 3 liters of water (must be covered half), put onion (whole) and 50 ml sunflower oil. Do not add any salt. Allow to boil and boil for about 45 minutes boiling time (plus / minus 5 minutes), several times turning the pot. Remove from the water and immediately flush thoroughly with cold water to stop cooking. Severed body (see photo 5 exactly where the cut is marked by an arrow) and discarded. Eight tentacles are separated from one another and are laid in the marinade. So marinated octopus can be consumed immediately, but lasts one week in the refrigerator. Consumed cold as a salad or grilled briefly dripped with balsamic vinegar. * Use only fresh octopus (fresh or thawed). The fresh catch is obvious from the fact that it is smooth but not sticky (see photo 3) and no characteristic odor than clean seawater. * The way of cooking is a major source and for all recipes with octopus. From there it can be processed in various ways - grilled, with different sauces, salads, etc. * For the marinade can enjoy various bunches of herbs. Carefully with thyme and rosemary - they are very intense and easily overlap fine taste of octopus.
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10 Apr 2012


Raleigh great pictures and great yummy you brought us la, delicacy and how is it going with ouzo much you love this creature. Ten from me.

Thanks, Flower! But surely there are enough people who say: Horror! How can you publish such a thing! :) Octopus is really delicacy and must be open to new and unusual foods to decide at all to try it :)

have prepared octopus on this recipe - was very tasty! :) I will try it at home!

Thanks to the recipe for their trust, I am pleased that you have been delicious! :)

Tasty and easy recipe for congratulation.