Meat potato balls stuffed with cheese

Submitted by enr on 17 Nov 2009
10 potatoes
250 g minced meat
1 stalk leek
1 carrot
2 eggs
100 g cheese
savory, salt
Meat potato balls stuffed with cheese
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Cook potatoes, peel and smash . They add the minced meat, eggs, chopped leek and carrots (cooked with potatoes and grated). Kneaded dough that is shaped balls. In each ball put a piece of cheese and flattened. Meatballs are rolled in flour and baked in the pan, greased with sunflower oil.
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17 Nov 2009


raw minced meat you put?

Minced meat fried then, so I put raw. Very interesting version of meatballs, bravo!

to put raw minced meat. Came 15 balls if anyone cares.

I am such rules meatballs instead put cheese melted cheese and fry them, bake them, but I can say that they are very tasty and really something different to eat at any time :)

And I I did yesterday potato meatballs but froze them-so came a sudden you can take out and fry them without even waiting to thaw completely!

Good, very good idea, here we have only beef, but as well as to prepare minced increasingly becoming one meatball trichevooo.

interesting recipes I want to try. And exactly where cheese is placed in the middle of the patty you should be?

Sevgi, yes, in the middle, the mixture is sealed around it, to not leak when baking. Although leak - again are nice;-)

Girls tried them yesterday, children gnawed fingers, I could not keep up with their frying, but ... Somehow I got too potato ... I think next time prbvam 1: 1 minced meat and potatoes. Maybe I'm not well understood meaning of *10 pcs. Of potatoes,* which in itself is quite elastic concept.

I made them today, but I baked them in the oven. Many were delicious. Kids love them. May we will be prepared chestichko :)

I forgot to give an assessment. Straighten immediately :)

I am glad that you liked