Patatnik oven

Submitted by enr on 21 Dec 2007
1.5 kg potatoes
1 onion
200 g feta cheese
3 eggs
150 g butter
1 tsp mint
Patatnik oven
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Potatoes grind in large pieces grater, onions finely. The butter melts. All products are mixed, pour into a greased pan and bake in a moderate oven.
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21 Dec 2007


super easy and delicious, do already 3 time.

How long bake?

to gotovnst bake until browned. I put a small cup of water to uvari.

Thank you for the clarification zlatina :).

great recipes using savory instead of mint, and after a greased baking baking pan and put a large sheet puff pastry from these thick and round and above the mixture, as I turned the sheet envelope and put it to bake on low, then as flushed nice turned it with the help of a large plate, covered it with oil and put it on high to seal the other side.

Thanks for recheptata ... Leste is to prepare and tasty. I added one more thing-I poured finished paptatnik sauce barshamel (slightly thicker than usual). When it cut like cake looked good on the plate and was also tasty

I do too much I liked and several times we do with her home Fair and appetizer beer

Very fast and tasty. Currently studying in Smolyan and patatnik here is very popular. I always thought that it makes it difficult. With this recipe I received very well.

elito789 what you cooked said wedge. Toi can be made with a filling of rice.

great patatnik! Favorite meal the whole family :)

time I wanted to do it (finally his turn comes) :) It was delicious! Prepare quickly and easily! I put parsley instead of mint (I had no choice, my husband does not love him in the potatoes and do not all have to be happy ...) :)

It was very good. I told him I added shredded cheese and zapekoh. One word of advice - be served poizstinal. It is much more palatable.

Tomorrow I will do this patatnik, my husband will be very happy !! :)

Very tasty became patatnik !! Half baking pan ate it both !!

Very yummy get patatnik. Already chestichko will prepare! :)


Very tasty. Incredibly easy to make.

real patatnik must be baked in the oven tucha. Baked one side and then turns. Grilling options for development Apartment conditions. And no experiments with oil or olive oil. Freshly beaten masaltse neighborly Cow. Yummy!

I'll try it and I seems to me delicious!

Great! I was wondering how to do something like lazy potato meatballs.

liked, but put his household, to garnish grilled sausage!

Very yummy get!

Very tasty work.

really tasty and easy! Added to favorites.

Tasty, easy and healthy!