Much festive layered cake

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2009
# 1 For base:
6 tbsp sugar
6 tbsp flour
6 eggs
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
200 g sugar
6 yolks
4 tbsp flour
28 g gelatin (4 sachets)
500 ml cream
chocolate spread for decoration
Much festive layered cake
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For the base: Beat the eggs with the sugar well, then add the flour. Bake in a large rectangular tray covered with paper. For the cake takes three the base. Adhere to one another with cream or cut into strips and wound. For the cream: milk is put to boil and trickle added to the beaten egg yolks, sugar and flour, then back on the stove until it boils, but with continuous stirring. As cool a bit added gelatin, previously we left it to swell and melt in a water bath. When the cream cool completely stir the cream and add to the cream. The bases stick with a cream cake and decorate optional.
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01 Dec 2009


Did understand or error in the recipe: one cake used 6 pcs eggs. Therefore marshes 3 - 18 pcs eggs and cream for 6 = 24 pcs eggs ?!

to rightly understood, but gets a big cake for about 25 pieces depends on how you prune

I do this cake for birthdays of children and then we have a lot of people and takes all

proteins that remain of the cream can be broken ornaments

really big cake! Bravo for the effort and decorate!

great Galia I do cake with 16 eggs only for the latter must So be super

these cake suppose become sponge - am I right?

Yes, it is Sveta.