Muhalebi Al Salam * * - Arabic milk cream

Submitted by enr on 05 Nov 2012
600 ml milk
600 ml cream
7 tbsp starch
7 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp rosewater
5 drops of vanilla essence
2 yolks
Muhalebi Al Salam * * - Arabic milk cream
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In 250 ml milk stirring the starch, sugar and egg yolks, until a homogeneous, thick liquid. Remaining milk is mixed with cream and boil. A thin stream pour the dissolved starch by beating with wire quickly and vigorously. Boil for about a minute, stir constantly. Remove from heat, add the rose water and vanilla, mix well. The mixture is allowed to cool a, occasionally stirring to not catch a thick crust. Pour into glasses or cups and allowed to cool completely. Cooled in a refrigerator. * I break the starch in hand shaker, it quickly and then pour very convenient. * When serving as garnish with chopped nuts or coconut, dates or figs. Decorate optional.
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05 Nov 2012


Bravo, very nice recipe and pictures - beautiful :)

Bravo, RALLY really get a nice cream, decorated appropriately and easy. Because home puddingta love will surely try it!

Rally, its wonderful present it! And the recipe I liked :)

Reni, Dianka, Rosset, thank you :) cream is delicious. Yesterday May poprepalnih spoons of flour and its Dolyane still about 150 ml of water. Furthermore, I put 2 whole eggs and yolks instead get very, very tasty. Rose water gives him the exotic, very delicate taste!

Tonight we just yours recipes Rally :) My little daughter baptized cream *lokumov* because the scent of a rose :) lovely, velvety taste!

Dobby, I'm flattered by the confidence my recipes :) The cream has a backstory that I had eaten in the restaurant Al-Salam (hence the name) and I made a guess as to become a hit as we ate there :) Daughter you very correctly associate it true that pink delight there, see how immediately thought of the child! Enjoy your meal! The photo is just great!