Panagyurski tutmanik

Submitted by enr on 15 Jul 2014
1 kg of flour
250 g of fat - butter or sunflower oil or a mixture
500 g feta cheese
1 egg
cold water
Panagyurski tutmanik
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Of flour, egg, 2 tbsp sunflower oil, salt and lukewarm water knead a soft dough. Divide into 15 small balls, which let stand 5 minutes. Then take 1 ball immersed in the fat and hands stretched thin sheet. Dusted with feta cheese and folded envelope. Similarly done with the 2nd ball, and before it is folded in the middle is placed the first envelope and the second gown is folded envelope. So fold consistently all stretched balls. Finally gets a big bag which is placed in the middle of a greased tray. Slightly disarrange hands, so to fill the tray. Bake in a moderate oven until ready and served warm.
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15 Jul 2014


Have you no raising agent?

principle, no baking, but can optionally be added.

One packet of butter 125g or is 250g? I guess this is the fat immersion balls because the products mentioned oil, and in the preparation of the recipe oil. Is hardly fatal, probably one fat can be replaced with the other.

I have another question, I hope to not get boring. In the products to the recipe indicated twice flour - 1 kg and once again 500g - all used?

And I thought as I discussed in detail how to prepare, because there is cheese, and the product is missing.

cheese is not missing, just the author of the recipe was confused and wrote 500 g. Flour instead of cheese

This is my favorite cheese cake at home, where my mother was a recognized master. Her know that dough with 3. L. Oil, 1. L. Vinegar, 1 hour. l. salt and 400 ml. lukewarm water. In the recipe that I got from it no egg. Fat evenly melted butter and oil, generally 1 h. Glass. About 1 kg of flour. The technology of preparation is the same.

My mistake:) - 500 gr. Cheese, not flour. Instead of oil may be used oil, or combined.

So, the products are 250 ml oil and 1 packet of butter, not oil 250 ml or 1 packet of butter? Also, how much is 1 packet of butter - 125 g or 250 g? Fat mixed up?

The fat must be 250 ml. total - melted butter or oil, but can be mixed