Mish-mash - I type

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2004
4 peppers
3-4 tomatoes
200 g feta cheese
4 eggs
sunflower oil
Mish-mash - I type
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Peppers finely and fry in heated sunflower oil, then to this is added the juice of grated tomatoes. When the mixture begins to thicken put crushed white feta cheese, and stir for 1-2 minutes until the feta cheese melt and become a homogeneous mixture, and place and beaten eggs. Stir until the mess and before removing from the fire put chopped parsley. If this recipe peppers are coarsely chopped, sliced ​​tomatoes, and they are not only taking the sauce, the feta cheese is comminuted (not crushed) and eggs are not broken before you put, but tapping and then stir it jumble will become more juicy and larger pieces.
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09 Jul 2004


Hey, just dressed it and tried it a amazing job, this mishmash kusval'm not now.

Easy and tasty and very suitable for the summer.

A great meal, quick and easy really worth to try.

Very quick and delicious recipe! Try and you will not regret it!

This is the ultimate, but I prefer chushchitsite pre-cooked and peeled. A little more work, but the taste is improved significantly and remain annoying flakes of pepper. Cheese put it last 30 seconds to extinguish the gas stove - and so does not melt - if greasy sheep Cheese ...

Great recipe! Very easy to prepare.

Very tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

I also provided with roast them and then them zapyrzhvam. Very tasty is

Classic recipe. Thank you. Very tasty

Majestic is! So fast, easy and delicious!

Some put onions and garlic. It's not bad.

Very tasty and I prefer to have roasted peppers.

I do it with roasted peppers, and together with them fried onions. Add herbs and garlic.

goodies! I also prepare roasted peppers and a little onion. It superb!

My favorite is! :)

is great, moreover, no onions!

lunch was awesome from my dasherya (SUN)

error with the little man I am very happy and proud!

smells amazing :)

One of her favorite recipes often prepared at home!