Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
10 kg cucumbers
200 g garlic
3 links dill
700 g salt
1 liter wine vinegar
10 liters of water
Selects young cucumbers, approximately the same size, it is desirable to have Papular surface. The most suitable variety of gherkin pickles. Wash cucumbers in cold water, riddled with needle and rank in containers at the bottom of which put cherry leaves, as between them they put garlic and dill. Top pressed with weight. Pour salt, vinegar and water so as to cover a 4-5 cm with brine. Reseal.
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01 Dec 2002


Pickles are superb prepared in this way, crisp and very pleasant to the taste. The dosage of the products is very precisely selected. My assessment (it is and my family) for the proposed recipe - excellent!

recipe really is excellent. Bravo to the author.

years ago for the first time I ate spicy pickles in each jar a little chilly. Since then, the only way we do them, and my mother *prenauchi*. This recipe is almost like our only pepper missing: -)))

In which vessels are put pickles, can in plastic if not welded course?

Last autumn / 2010. / Pickles made in this recipe, we liked a lot the whole family. I put in addition two onions cut into quarters and mustard seed. Thanks to the author.

I want to ask what is put salt and Decant you like sauerkraut?