The pita sun Lilia

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40 g yeast
egg 1
2 cup warm water (not hot)
3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp sugar Peak
1/2 tbsp salt
flour for soft dough (about 1 kg, not more)
The pita sun Lilia
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In a large bowl put the yeast, sugar and salt. Wait until it liquefied and poured the oil and water (glasses are not filled to capacity - about 400 ml), making sure the water is hot, not derailed yeast. Stir to mix liquids. Add the white of an egg yolk and half. Leaving the other half in a cup with a little some water, not dry. It will namazhem the pita. Little by little, add flour, sift it directly on the liquid mixture. Initially stirring with wire, then by hand. As touching the dough yourself you can decide how much flour needs. Once you feel that this mixing, pour it on floured surface and agitate nice (I knead about 15 minutes and hit him 100 times in the bar, do not know if it affects her, but I do). Preheat the oven to 50 degrees and having finished it off. Flour a large pan, put the dough in it and slip it into the preheated oven to rise faster and better. After about 20-25 minutes far (not concurred, but wait to double its volume) remove and mix gently. Divide the dough into 3 equal parts and mix each of them separately. Roll them and lay them in a round pan, smear as the first two with a little sunflower oil or melted butter. Once you have ordered three parts, put the pan in the middle of something round and not very large, to mark the center of the sun. Take a knife and split the pita into 12 equal triangles (see photos). Then rotate every 5 times, watching the end to fall below last vartelche. Apply good the pita with egg yolks and slide it into the oven. Turn it on 200-220C and bake until ready (about 45-50 minutes). Watch January When ready, turn it with paper and cloth to keep the heat to * choke * and the crust is tender. * Optional you can sprinkle the pita with sesame after her brush with the yolk mixture.
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11 Apr 2012


Melanie, made a very beautiful cake!

Thanks :) aunt taught me :)

Wonderful cake made her picture and I climbed. Go to favorites.

Great recipe, I made a million times in January. Diversity recent times and put cheese