Pork Shank with peas in Crock pot

Submitted by enr on 02 Oct 2013
about 1.5 kg boneless pork knuckle
1.35 kg frozen peas
3 large carrots
3 large onions
400 g peeled canned tomatoes, diced
1 tbsp tomato paste
paprika, pepper, salt
sunflower oil
roasted flour
Pork Shank with peas in Crock pot
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At the bottom of granetsa put 1-2 tbsp sunflower oil. Top distribute chopped onion. Put on the onion cut into chunks knuckle, top distribute clean and sliced ​​carrots. On all empty sachets peas. Top put the tomatoes, tomato paste, dissolved in water, pepper, paprika and salt. Pour water, which is about 3 fingers below the vegetables. Gently mix top to knead spices. Cover with the lid and Crock-pot include 6 hours of degree 2. When time is up, thickening the sauce with a little toasted flour with a little water until the desired consistency and put crushed mint. Stir and I already have a divine dish that melts in your mouth.
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02 Oct 2013


Pepi, thanks for the recipe! :) I do not eat peas, but the people at home eating it. ;) It was a very tasty dish! :) Many like it, where there is a word - licking the dishes! I dressed it in a pot, I had pork and replace it with sirloin. I slowed down a little tomatoes, other products were the recipe. I put everything in the beginning - parsley, mint, flour it away with water. He stayed in the oven, about 3 hours of moderate temperature 180-200 degrees. Sorry I did not picture! If there were more, more would eat. And I watched them amazed, as if not eating peas with pork and delicacy. ;) :)

Bobby, thank you for your trust! I am very glad that this dish is usually liked to your family and they were delicious!

Pepi, this time schedules and photo! ;) Again happy! :)

Lirinka, thank you sweetie! Looks great :)