Pretzels grandmother

Submitted by enr on 16 Feb 2012
250 g lard
1 yolk
6 tbsp yogurt
1 tsp salt
3-3 and 1/2 cup flour
# For the filling:
2 egg whites
250 g feta cheese
1 yolk spreads
optional: sesame, poppy and other seeds for sprinkling
Pretzels grandmother
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Well softened lard mix with 1 egg yolk and salt. Add milk and sifted flour and kneaded soft, elastic dough. For the filling mix the crumbled feta cheese and egg whites. Roll out the dough into a thin crust on floured countertop. Cut out shapes optional (squares or rectangles - for rolls; triangles - for muffins; circles - for shells), place 1 tsp filling and rolled. Arranged on a tray covered with baking paper. Smeared twice beaten with a few drops of sunflower oil or milk egg, optional sprinkle with seeds and bake in a preheated 180C oven until it turns rosy.
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16 Feb 2012


will be put in soon! Bookmark

Vesi will not be disappointed! I thought what would come as no raising agent in the dough, but received wonderful fragile, crisp crackers! Only that we Mallet - about 24, 25 pcs / 1 square baking pan of old power. Cookers / ate on dis! Next time I'll double my dose. The dough is also suitable with other sweet filling.

I am sure that crackers are delicious, because I recently I did the test without raising agent (in my recipe *cream cakes*). At different from that of pretzels you, but as you say, the result was great. Dough just melts in your mouth.

Rennie, you're right, that pretzels are *melt* in your mouth. Unfortunately left the next day to see what became like stay. But I do not think has changed.

Mmmm, Inche-me look very appetizing. Great recipe and photos! Already in favorites.

The next time I mixed all products made buns and rolls.

I will support lower comments renito and tillia - melt in the mouth - they are great! To me came out of the oven baking pans 2 - maybe Roll on thin crust, but will definitely make many more times! Thank tillia for shared recipe!

Didi, get them beautifully shaped as seashells! I am glad that I shared with useful recipe :)

That's melting! Many are delicious, easy and pretty quickly prepared them! Super Ina!

Thank you, Snow! Praise goes to Yoli that is shared Granny's recipe! We only need to fulfill it! :)

thank Radostin that tried the recipe and uploaded picture! :)

Yesterday I made them again and because I did not have enough mass, added about 100g margarine and again were very tasty. Cum in no time!

Snow, look very good! It repeated that his recipe speaks volumes for her! :)

fatty how molten should be when you mix with protein? And before this protein should I break nice and then add it to the fat or not to be confused ?! :)

That is supposed to break down proteins, prior to mix with the cheese stuffing?

Desi Mash the cheese, add egg whites and confused

Desi, the grease is not melted, it must be liquid, but soft and mixed with the egg yolk and the other mentioned products; Proteins are broken down in advance. Brides accurately describe it, for which it thank you very much! :) I wish you luck!

Thank you! :)

Thanks for shared recipe! Pretzels were very tasty :) I decided next time to do them in sweet version- with delight or marmalade.

Dobby, I'm glad that you tested the recipe and you've eaten with pleasure! :) You will not be disappointed by the sweet version! :)

I registered just to be able to write that these crackers are really amazing!

krischeto, I am glad that you have decided to try it! :) I shared the recipe of Yoli, because the result really worth!

Hello. Today I made them and I remind cheats pretzels. Thanks for the recipe. Nice day!

Petya, I'm glad you tried the recipe and pretzels are you reminded fond memories! :)

Ina, this time tried and salty and sweet version :) All were great! Option added to the salty grated cheese, poppy and sesame seeds, paprika, cumin ... Thanks again for the nice recipe!

Dobrinche very glad that you did this again and pretzels it in both versions and upload photos! Not only used their options, but in a different way its shaped muffins and give great ideas! Thank you! :)