Roll of roasted peppers with feta cheese and egg

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2012
11 roasted peppers
4 eggs
200 g cheese
Roll of roasted peppers with feta cheese and egg
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Crouch rectangular cake. The bottom redim two halved peppers in two short end put pepper in half while leaving the ends hanging out. Similarly redim pods along the length of the mold. Stir egg mixture and the feta cheese and poured into the pan. Turn to the other hanging over the peppers and bake at 200C.
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26 Jan 2012


The last sentence did not understand if there are pictures will illustrate how it rolls interesting proposal!

I didst send photos, but apparently not yet approved

roll as the idea is very good. I do dish in a baking dish, as methodize halved peppers on them mixture back row peppers, a mixture of tomatoes from a can with a few mashed or finely chopped garlic and parsley. Top watered with a trickle of oil. You can enjoy fresh grated tomatoes. The dish is worth to be done - fast and delicious!

Great idea. I love everything with roasted peppers ...

goes to the favorite and will try, but the mixture does not flow past you remove the peppers, but looks very nice and will try very soon

I did it in pots for each one and then turned on a plate.

great way of presenting peppers with egg and cheese! Like us!

Reni many beautiful photos you've done.

Thank you flowers!