Russian soup

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2011
1 sour cucumber
1 carrot (grated)
3 potatoes
1 egg (boiled)
100 g peas (frozen or canned)
100 g mayonnaise
150-200 g of ham (sausage meat )
dry vegetable soup (optional)
Pickled cucumber cut into small pieces. Carrots and potatoes are also cleaned and finely. Grate boiled egg. In a saucepan put all products (chopped cucumber, potatoes, carrots, grated egg, peas, mayonnaise and ham, also cut into small cubes), pour about 1.5-2 liters of water and boil for about 20-30 minutes, and from occasionally stirred. Dry vegetable soup is added under the direction of the package, but can not be added if you do not have one. Fidel added seven minutes before the readiness of soup or under the direction of vermicelli used. Salt is also to taste. The products are in the approximate ratio of water too. Must be obtained density of the soup according to personal preference.
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07 Jan 2011


When I prepared not say what is the soup, but when he destroyed them and all shared blinking received very tasty.

I use as an additive in supite- vegetable soup ,, ,, pikantina very aromatic. The idea for this soup came to me, as a new year we made many Russian salad, which was and decided to experiment.

Nelly, your recipes are always great. Thanks for the idea. Will necessarily try.

Thank you very much, especially this sounds a bit like bulamoch-excuse, but get really delicious and add a little flair will happen.