Savarina Chocolate Savory caramel sauce

Submitted by enr on 18 Jan 2013
# For savarinata:
500 g flour
200 ml milk
200 ml melted butter
100 g chocolate
4 eggs
7 g dry yeast
1 tsp salt, sugar, vanilla
# For the syrup:
200 g sugar
3 heaped tsp cocoa
180 ml water, 2 tbsp rum or almond liqueur
# For savory caramel sauce:
120 ml water
3 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp butter or with peak savory butter
1 tsp salt
100 ml liquid sweetened cooking cream
Savarina Chocolate Savory caramel sauce
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Mix together beaten eggs, melted butter, milk, yeast and sugar. Add sifted flour and mix with a dough hook attachment of the mixer or bread machine. Add the melted chocolate and mix until homogeneous mixture. Add salt and vanilla. Prepared rarely dough, such as sponge. Allow the mixture to rise and double in volume. Pour and distribute in mono savarini or muffin mix, as just over half full forms. Leave to rise again. Bake at less moderate oven 160-170 C to baking 20-30 minutes. For the syrup: Mix together sugar, cocoa and water. Heat to boiling. Add rum or liqueur. Wait savarinite to cool, remove from trays and pour the hot syrup. Leave to soak for 5-6 hours. For savory caramel sauce: Mix water, sugar and the butter. Burned to not very dark caramel. Heat the cream with salt and pour in the caramel, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Fill in the middle or pour on top with caramel sauce thus obtained.
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18 Jan 2013
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Marina, dear! What luxury! From luxury products, chocolate, ideas! Amazing look and reading are so seductive!

Thanks for evaluation. The idea of ​​salty caramel sauce is the source. But alas his basic recipe for savarina was a complete failure :). I received no savarinki and not even muffins and mini matted chocolate pancake :). Dough became quite rare and severe quantity of butter and chocolate. Maybe I'm not reached such heights in confectionery to receive from a rare pancake dough, porous nabuhnali savarini :). I had a lot to poadaptiram recipe until I get what I want and what should be.

not looked at the source, so you thoroughly and conscientiously doing everything that I have no doubt that would be received :)

From the indicated amount of water and sugar in salty caramel sauce is not obtained caramel and syrup :( can it be exchanged?

The syrup is boiled to give a caramel. It takes a little patience :) I do not think there is confusion, writes Marina accurate, sophisticated recipes.

Let's leave aside personal relationships. I think it is perfectly possible to have exchanged sugar and water - with so set proportion will be much waiting until a sauce, and the original source is 120 g of sugar and 3 p. L. Of water. ma_rri_na can say most accurately, but it no longer is included (I hope everything is fine with it) - please, if someone tries caramel sauce with inverted proportion to write a comment and if you need to adjust the recipe.

I got very salty caramel, too salty / I am not pleased, and home did not like the whole cake.