Spaghetti pasta without

Submitted by enr on 24 Jan 2012
1/2 spaghetti squash (300-400 g)
100 g minced meat
100 ml tomato sauce
5-6 field mushrooms
2-3 olives
cheese (optional)
cumin, black pepper salt
Spaghetti pasta without
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Pumpkin spaghetti was cut into two lengthwise half is placed in a deep bowl, turning with transparent foil and put in microwave for 3-4 minutes. Develop and scrape with a fork. For the sauce: saute the minced meat and mushrooms, add the spices, tomato sauce and stir for 2-3 minutes. Mix pumpkin spaghetti with sauce and grated cheese optional. * If using chicken or turkey mince and without cheese would be about 250-300 calories. * For 1 serving.
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24 Jan 2012


The finished portion is eaten very quickly there was no time for a picture, but I will do it again and will get. My husband was quite skiptichen, but try them and liked them very much.

Very interesting recipe for pumpkin so I have not heard had it into Bulgarian or in the US I'm sorry for the stupid question but I first see her picture.

but I checked on Google for Bulgaria and showed me that sold even could be bought online for 5 lev

cost 5 lev y 40 pc. seeds, not for itself pumpkin. But once you sell the seeds, then can someone and make them grow.

:) Sorry for the confusion! I'm sure it exists in large stores. With us is everywhere, but last week it was not ignored (as pumpkin pumpkin outside, but different on the inside). I watched prepare it on TV and I decided to try. I liked more of a real spaghetti, so shared it.

Well you do that you share it and we see pelvis interesting pumpkin!

I am also very interested to try it. I saw clips on the Internet for various recipes with this vegetable. A spaghetti themselves have a taste of pumpkin?

No, they absorb the sauce and flavor of spices, like eat spaghetti, but lighter, delicate and delicious.